I came across art twitter and…

So I fell into a loop of artist and creatives on my Twitter. People who are creating beautiful pieces out of paint, clay, prints, stickers, crystals.. You name it. They make it! Some of these pieces are so beautiful and I get so moved by these small business owners and their work that I just have to invest.

I don’t feel overly pressured to invest but their art work is so beautiful and the fact that they have the confidence to share these beautiful items with the world is so lovely to me and their prices are totally reasonable! Let me just get started!

Beautiful handmade earrings! http://twitter.com/pinkycreates
I love tiny little items. These skulls are so precious (shh, I bought some of these for my friends too) http://twitter.com/_crystallinecat
Fairies isn’t just a ood, it’s a lifestyle.. Look at these handmade mugs and earrings!! So precious! http://twitter.com/lusterart
The citrine foxes.. I am so in love! This girl has such beautiful crystal pieces. http://twitter.com/sunflowrdog
i am LIVING for these beautiful bee earrings! and the moons!! Perfect. http://twitter.com/PixieStormDesign

This isn’t all of them but these are the most recent that I have came across. I have decided that this year for the holiday’s I’m only going to buy from small businesses. It’s so important to understand the impact we can have in other people’s lives when we make a purchase from them directly. They can use these sales to feed their families, pay bills, eliminate debt and use the money to keep their art alive. It is so beautiful. Decide to invest in your friends this year instead of the big businesses. You will make someone’s day, I guarantee it.

with love,


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  1. Ann says:

    Supporting small businesses is so important right now. Love those moon and bee earrings!


  2. Oh my gosh I LOVE art Twitter! I fall down many rabbit holes with it too! I’ve bought some stuff from Mary’s Jewellery Bakery and I love her shop – definitely one to check out!


  3. Ming Qian says:

    I’ve noticed this trend towards small businesses over here as well. I don’t usually purchase my daily essentials from small businesses, but I tend to buy local products as gifts for my friends. It may have to do with the fact that they’re usually more unique and it feels more personal? Hmm… Thanks for sharing, Caysey!


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