Happy Blogmas! (starting tomorrow)

Tomorrow starts 30 days of blog posts! I’ve been preparing my blog posts for the next few weeks way better than a couple of years ago when I decided to do this very last minute.

I am super excited for the content that is coming up and I’m hoping that it’ll help you get as much in the Christmas spirit as I already am! I don’t know what’s been going on with me lately. This is the first year ever that I had my house decorated AND started listening to Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I love preparing for it and reminding myself everyday the reason for the season but usually I like to wait until after Thanksgiving to embrace the winter wonderland and the most catchiest songs of the year.

This year is different. I think it’s because I’m so eager to have this year come to an end and Christmas to me is the last good thing about any year. As I’ve mentioned before 2020 wasn’t a horrible year for me but it wasn’t what I was expecting and a lot of things didn’t go as planned but I am more than excited to see what this next year has to bring. I have big plans for this next year if everything aligns up the way that I want it to. I’m not going to set my expectations too high but just enough so that I hope they fall into place.

This year for blogmas I decided to do everything holiday related. Some people do a theme, some people do winter based posts but I decided to just go all in with glitter and cheer and all things holiday because I genuinely love Christmas. It’s the cheeriest time of the year centered around love which is what this world needs now more than ever.

My heart is so full at the thought of the holiday’s being  here already. I am so grateful for what this year has taught me. My family feels closer than ever and although there is a lot of uncertainty in this world right not, I am certain of something and that is how much love is present in my life. I hope you all have a very blessed month and you stay tuned for my posts coming up!

with love,


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