Model in Training.

Model in Training.

Caysey Petty

Height: 5’ 8” ½ (5’9”)

Bust: 34

Waist: 24

Hips: 36


“36-24-36?? HA, only if she 5’ 3”..”

-SIR MIX A LOT; “I like Big Butts”

The beauty standards according to Cosmo have certainly changed over the years. Especially when it comes to measurement requirements for models. Now the prefered measurements are 34-24-34 which I feel like I’m almost there. You also have to be unreasonably tall as well which again, I’m close but not close enough. Of course, these are the standards for certain niches or divisions if you will. I feel like as a modeling industry that have really branched out to accepting and celebrating different and more natural body types which I very much appreciate. Although, some companies.. Not so much.

Victoria Secret has recently got a lot of backlash because of a certain quote given by their CEO referring to the fact that his beauty standards aren’t changing with the times. Other lingerie companies such as arie are taking advantage of this by making it known that they’ll accept transgender models as well as curvy ones. Despite the current backlash, I cannot forget that the Victoria Secret fashion show is what truly inspired me to become a model. Most runway models have such a serious look and the fashion seems so bizzare (still awesome but birrare). The VS fashion show changed the game for me because instead of being so serious the models were actually smiling and having a great time! You can look at those women and truly tell that they are having the time of their lives! I have always been naturally tall and thin and my family drove into my brain that I should be a model although I feel like I didn’t really meet the standards of some of the women besides maybe my height and weight.

Being a model is a full time job and being a model in training is even harder than I thought. Between physique training, self upkeep, portfolio building, collaborating and agency searching it can be time consuming! Most aspiring models have part-time jobs which might be why I feel like it’s more time consuming since I have a full time one. Being an aspiring model takes dedication and I’m going to share with you professional tips and tricks that I received from a former model.

Step one, finding your niche and the division that works for you. What kind of modeling do you want to do? Fitness? Print and commercials? Fashion? Curvy and plus sized? Some of these are easy because it’s based on your body type. Once you find your niche you can then start your search for an agency. This is as easy as googling “modeling agencies near me” and it should come up! This may be easier for people who live in bigger cities or in cities where this career is common such as NYC or LA but not everyone has that luxury. Don’t worry about getting the biggest and best modeling brand, a lot of times you can start small and move up from there! Your agency will help you grow if you choose the right one! Another thing you may want to do when searching for the right agency for you is when you’re looking at the website and the models a lot of the time their instagram handle in on the website. Don’t be afraid to reach out to different models and making sure this place is legit and not a scam. Unfortunately there are a lot of brands out there that take advantage of little girls and their dreams. Also, be on the lookout for open calls! You can do this by following the agencies and maybe even agents social media accounts. Some agencies even have modeling camps that you can attend and get great information and training on how to be the best model you can be!

Step two, building your portfolio. Apparently it takes a good year to build your complete modeling portfolio. This includes portraits of yourself and maybe even a video or two. The key to this is collaborating. A lot of times there are photographers, videographers, make-up artists and small brands who are trying to build their portfolio as well and this is a way to get a better deal while also supporting other people! You both benefit by getting what you need. You don’t have to worry about spending endless amount of money by hiring personal photographers. This may take some research as well because you want someone who captures your vision accurately.

Part three, focusing on your daily routine. You constantly want yourself to be up to par. This may require you to be a little high maintenance on your self-care.

  • Workout daily, I know this is hard for some but even if you put aside five or ten minutes a day to train your body it will benefit you a whole lot.
  • Drink plenty of water, this benefits every part of your body from the inside out.
  • Manage your skin and wash it daily, Don’t be afraid to exfoliate and use face masks weekly,
  • Take care of your hair. Make sure you are using the right products for your hair.
  • Keep your nails in check. Now this doesn’t mean go out and get your nails done. When you’re going to an open call you want to present yourself as a blank canvas. Light makeup, no paint or fake nails. I’ve heard some people make the mistake of coming in with everything all done up and the “judges” can’t accurately examine you.
  • Have a positive attitude. Stress less. This is so important. Stress can offset the balance of your whole look. For me, it even breaks me out. So be sure you have a positive outlook on life and on your journey. No one is going to want to work with a sourpuss and a negative nancy. Be someone that you would want to work with! Even if for some reason you don’t get picked. Be sure to remain positive and hopeful that you’ll improve and get it next time!

All of this sounds like a full time job, doesn’t it? I have been working so hard toward this goal and I honestly feel like I’m getting too old for it but maybe I’m just a late bloomer! One more thing that I mentioned before but I really want to emphasize. Being a model is a full time job. You have to be dedicated, not only for yourself but for the agency you choose. Yes, they’re working for you and to help you but you have to work with them in order to get the results you want. You have to be serious about it and don’t just not make it a priority. You have to be professional. Schedule days that work for you and don’t cancel last minute. Emergencies happen yes but you have to think of it as a real job. I heard this is where a lot of models mess up as well. Some people are so dedicated to the business. I’ve wanted documentaries and even some of the people I follow tell their stories about staying up all night so their not late for their show or they wait around all night so they don’t miss open auditions. Be dedicated.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk,

With love,


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