Christmas Party Outfit Ideas

Happy Day 6 of Blogmaaaaas! Fabulous!

Today we are going to be talking Christmas Party outfits! YaaAsss, honey.

Now are we talking party or are we talking paaaaarty?

This is a very important question because there are multiple kind of holiday parties. Are we talking Tacky Christmas? A personal fave. Ugly Christmas Sweater party? Classy Christmas? Traditional Christmas? I was recently looking on Pinterest for some fun Tacky Christmas Outfits and let me tell you.. So spunky and fun! And you get to be creative!

Ugly Christmas Sweater party? I saw tons in Walmart or Forever 21 or Marshalls but don’t forget to check out local Vintage shops and Goodwill! You may even be able to find a sweater that would work for a more cute and traditional party, like it’s stands out but it’s ugly enough to be called.. Ugly. You know?

Classy Christmas is also a lowkey favorite of mine. You cannot go wrong with a red dress but if you don’t want to stand out too much try for a dark green. Sequins or glitter are a must have! You can also try for a sweater and skirt combo! Or even a sweater dress! I’ll drop some of those ideas below! You can always go with a plain-ish dress of whatever color… blue, black, purple and dress it up with a cute jacket!

What is your go-to color for Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

with love,



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