My First Turkey.

DAY 10 OF BLOGMAS! Is this getting annoying yet?

I know I was MIA during the big turkey day so I didn’t get to document my first turkey experience! Let me tell you.. I was nervous and not looking forward to it. We were having Friendsgiving the Saturday before Thanksgiving and we were hostinf it so it was our responsibility to make the turkey.. Okay, cool. So I suggested doing turkey breast because that’s normally what people eat anyway.. more meat.. less prepping and cook time. But my man decided he wanted a real turkey but guess who is working the day of the party?? Him. Which mean who is going to be making this turkey?? Me. Who is a vegetarian and not only doesn’t care to eat meat but doesn’t really care to prepare meat?? Okay well that is a little exaggerated. I actually don’t mind cooking meat. I worked in a kitchen before and I used to help cook in the kitchen with my mom all the time, it’s actually the reason I became a vegetarian. I’m also aware that I’m the only vegetarian in the house so I know I gotta do what I gotta do. But cooking a full turkey is a different thing.

The prepping for the turkey sounded like hard work.. You have to take the neck out, the guts and liver, put butter on and under the skin.. yes under.. to keep it moist. So people stuff it with vegetables and stuffing.. I didn’t do that. 

So we went to pick out the turkey and got a 13 pound one for like $10? Not bad I thought. We were only feeding like 10 meat-eaters so I felt like it was a good size, if not overkill but we had a very happy pup later that night! Anyway, we got a turkey, a disposable aluminum pan, a turkey bag?, injectable butter?, sage, stove top stuffing and hawaiian rolls. 

The bag was to put over the turkey to hold in all the moisture, the injectable butter was really nice because I didn’t have to still my fingers inside the skin.. the thought of that made my skin crawl.. and it cooked for like 3 hours so not terribly long and it was done before my movie date with my girl to see Frozen II (highly recommend btw) 

Better yet.. It was a hit! Everyone loved it and thought it was moist. One of Alex’s friends made the comment “It’s crazy how you can’t taste meat but you always make it so good” one of the best compliments ever. I told them to be brutally honest with me because it was my first time making it but no one complained! Yesss! Hopefully next time Alex can make it though so I don’t have to worry about it.

Have you ever had to make something for a Friendsgiving or even Thanksgiving? What was it and did you stress about it beforehand? I think I always anticipate it being worse than what it is.

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