Bad Habits x10

One of my really bad habits is online shopping. Seriously it’s so convenient and easy and it’s advertised EVERYWHERE. I must agree that here lately, during the pandemic my shopping may have increased but I have been supporting local, small businesses such as boutiques, vintage shops and handmade suppliers which in my opinion need my business now more than ever! And no it’s not an excuse, it’s true and when my man asks me why I keep buying stuff that’s going to be my response. *wink* Today, I’m going to share with you some of the local, small women owned businesses I have purchased from recently! Some of these names may sound familiar because I have posted about them in the past but they’re just so great!


 Southern Julep is a father(Phil)/daughter(Julie) team and they began their journey in 2015 as Etcetera7 as part of Julie’s high school senior project selling at local events and festivals. What began as a project, turned into a passion. They wanted to use their talents in retail and fashion to do God’s work. In May 2019, they took a leap of faith and opened up their own storefront in Downtown Eden, NC. Julie is such a Jesus driven boss babe and I admire her so much for taking such a huge leap at the age of just 21! She always has such great prices as well! Since she can’t sell out of her shop right now she is having to do most of it online via her website, Facebook and Instagram. Here’s her website:

@sudzybudzproductz on Etsy!

The owner and operator of this is named Jakyia and she creates handmade soaps, scrubs, and bath bombs, there is seriously something for everyone on there! She is the definition of a boss babe. Aside from this she is also a creative photographer and director of HouseOfDollz which is an exploratory photography program for those looking to get more involved in modeling, makeup or fashion. Sudzy Budz Productz has been family owned since 2016. The birth of SBP all began when her and her family were battling with skin issues whether it was flare ups, redness, itchiness, or just plain out break outs. Time after time investing money into buying tons of products that claimed to clear skin that never actually worked and going to the doctors who prescribed chemical based products that they didnt want to keep putting in and on thier skin for the rest of their lives became old so they decided to start Sudzy Budz. Sudzy Budz is all natural and no chemicals are used at all in their products. Their mission is to help those who have skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, and other skin illnesses out there that do not want to continue to put chemicals on their skin anymore! Sudzybudz use natural oils, butters and herbs to help heal the skin. Here is the shop:


Gray+Skye Boutique is an online boutique ran by very motivated mother of two beautiful babies named Meg. The online boutique is based out of Reidsville, NC. She has some of the cutest clothes and you can tell she has a passion for what she does. She always has something new up her sleeve and very fashion forward! Her style is very boho chic and she’s always up to date on the latest trends. You can tell through her posts that she really enjoys what se does and she is so grateful to all of her supporters and customers. I recently (within the past three or four months not all at once) purchased two tee shirts from her, two air of earrings and a jumpsuit! I have not been disappointed yet. Here is the link to her Facebook group:


Sweet P Boutique is an online boutique ran by a new mother and is even named after her sweet baby pea! The owner is named Tate and she has an eye for cute, unique baby clothes! You can tell also that she really loves what she does and puts a lot of thought into the items that she buys. If you are a girl mom who loves all things ruffles and bright then this is the shop for you! She also has boy stuff too I just happen to love all the girl clothes! *heart eyes* She even has adorable mommy and me sets for little girls and boys! My daughter and I love to match so this is right up our alley! 

Here is her facebook link:


I just did a whole small post on this online vintage shop! but i just love supporting boss babes and people who take a huge leap of faith investing in good quality products for other people and I just want to brag a little bit. My girl Rebecca just recently did a tee shirt sale with her company logo on it and all of the proceeds went to feed a family which I think is so important particularly during this time. She could have easily kept the money for herself especially since she is unable to go out and hunt for new pieces for her shop during this pandemic but instead she gave it to someone who she felt like had a greater need and that is just so touching to me.

Along with supporting local clothing stores and boutiques I also love supporting local coffee shops, restaurants and stores that may be struggling to remain open at this time. I have heard of several places saying that they can no longer afford rent so they are having to go out of business entirely and that is so heartbreaking to me. It is always important to shop local but even more so now. That is something I will always stand by. 

Keeping all of you in my thoughts ad prayers during this time of uncertainty! 


with love,




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  1. Online shopping is so tempting. Thanks for sharing your favorite places.


  2. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.


  3. There are so many cute things on here! I’ll definitely be checking out some of these shops! Thanks for sharing 🙂



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