June Favorites


I have always loved when beauty bloggers/vloggers do _____ favorites posts or even those “empites”/repurchases videos of their all time favorite products. I think it is so exciting and fresh! I have never been one of those people to use enough products to have new favorites every month so I might split it up and do it every couple of months instead. As far as the way these posts are going to go I’m just going to pick five or more random items that I have used religiously throughout the month and give you my honest review on them! These products could be anything from hair items to make up to even skin care! I’ll even include prices and where I purchased them!

Argan Magic Nourishing Hair Cream

If you live in the south-east U.S in or around North Carolina you may know that summers around here can be hot and humid. This leave-in hair cream is meant to hydrate, condition and eliminate frizz which is a must where I’m from! I personally have oily roots and dry ends but this product is made for all hair types. What I do is apply this cream to my hair after my shower but it can also be applied to dry hair as well. Sometimes after I have slept with my hair in a bun I’ll brush it out and apply this product to eliminate frizz and help style my hair. Aside from helping manage frizz this product also adds definition and seals in shine while providing a soft, flexible hold. It’s also safe to style (straighten of curl) your hair after applying.

I got this product at Tj-Maxx for $8.99 but you can get it on amazon for $12.95


Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette

I fell in-love with this palette when I first saw it! The shimmery color Golden caught my eye. But I also love the varity of yellows and browns. I feel like this palette has a lot of orange-y undertones which in my opinion compliment my blue eyes. The palette is so pigmented and easy to blend/apply. This is my first time purchasing a naked palette and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. It’s pricer than I usually purchase but totally worth it if you’re willing to splurge!

I got this at Ulta for $49.00


Jergen’s Natural Glow: Instant Sun Mousse

I am always so skeptical to purchase self-tanners because I’m pale and I’m afraid it’s going to look orangey or streaky and although I like the orange look for my eyes I’m not trying to have my whole body match especially in the summer time where I’m wearing swimsuits and less clothes. I like this product because it’s light. It’s the first time I’ve ever used a mousse instead of a lotion and I like it because I feel like it blends in more. I applied this using a cheap mitt that was beside it (I don’t remember the brand). I saw an instant difference in color, I used the shade deep bronze, instead of it looking like a huge streak of bronze it was more gradual and almost like a tint. It’s also a very buildable product if desired. I did it consecutively for a few days and it worked wonderfully. I never experienced streakiness but it did build up some around my knees which was more of a user error.

I got this from Walmart for $13.00


Salon Perfect Style #615 Clusters Eyelashes

This is more than a June favorite, these are my all time lashes and I’ve been wearing them since I figured out how to put lashes on. This would 100% go into my empties/re-purchases post because they’re so affordable and make my eyes pop! I always buy the pack of five from Walmart. I have worn other lashes and I love them also but this one style is just different. I got these for $9.00 at Walmart!


KISS Masterpiece XL Nails: Glue On Nails

These were not the colors I purchased but it’s the same concept! The colors I purchased are actually in my heading photo! I haven’t had real fake nails since I started work and these were really close to having fake nails! I swam in the ocean with these on and they still stayed on! I was really please with this purchase! The only time they popped off was my thumb when I was trying to put my sneaker on but luckily I brought the glue and reapplied and it stayed on for the rest of the time. These were only $10 at Walmart!


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