A Day in the Life: The Hunt

Target Run and Done

As you can probably tell from the picture, I’m not actually hunting. Although, it is hunting season in North Carolina and camouflage is pretty fashionable these days you’ll never see me posing with dead animal. Today I am on the hunt for the perfect present. I know I have done a ton of gift guides but I’m still looking for a couple more presents myself.

The first place we decided to go was the mall and it was packed, as expected. There were lines everywhere since you can only allow a certain number of people in each line. I wanted to go to Bath and Body works but that is out of the question. They were having a really good sale as they usually do for the holiday season! Their line was the longest, it wrapped into the empty store next door. The good thing about Bath and Body works is that they usually have the same sale if not better online!

We went into PacSun and Zumies to see what kind of sales they had. We even walked into Abercrombie and Fitch which I almost never go into) and of course I fell in love with a (faux) fur coat that I didn’t need but was half off! and it complimented my current outfit perfectly.

We then went to Best Buy mainly because my fiance wanted to go there and, too, best I have a credit card to there and wanted to see if there was anything I could get for my daughter. One of her “big” gifts this year is a Nintendo Switch Lite. I order that one online because she specifically wanted a pink one which they didn’t have in stores at the time I was getting it. She recently developed an obsession which Pokemon, which Im not mad about. I loved Pokemon a lot growing up and that may be one of the reasons she started loving them too. We found my old Pokemon cards and I told her that Eevee was my favorite. In my opinion she was the most different and honestly, she was pretty cute too! Now Eevee is her favorite and I have to like a different one.. Which of course if Mew or Growlith!

Anyway, enough about Pokemon. My work is doing an ornament exchange and although that sounds simple it’s really hard thinking of the perfect ornament for my coworker. We did a thing where we drew names so you didn’t know who you were getting then we only had this weekend to get it the ornament. which is fine I was just nervous to order something online and it not get here in time. I didn’t even know where you go to get ornaments. I went to the mall thinking that they had a little Hallmark store or that little store that’s a Christmas/Holiday store pop up. The my man started getting hangry so we had to go find something to eat. The food area was too packed for my comfort. So after the mall and Best Buy we went to Panda Express! Yum!

I don’t eat Panda express that often but it is really really good. It’s not the best place in the world for vegetarians but they still have a good selection of vegetarian options! Most Asian cuisines are very friendly to those on plant-based diets, but this was not the case for Panda Express’ menu until February 2019. Prior to February, all of Panda Express’ veggie based dishes, including chow mien, were made with chicken broth. In response to petitions by Peta and Vegan Outreach, Panda Express choose to remove chicken broth in these dishes completely by the end of March 2019. Here’s a small list of those options:

  • Brown/White steamed rice (vegan)
  • Chow Mein (vegan)
  • Vegetable Spring Roll (vegan)
  • Cream Cheese Ragoons
  • Super Greens (vegan)
  • Eggplant Tofu (vegan)
  • Sauces (vegan)

I ordered the super greens with chow mein, spring rolls and the cream cheese ragoons. I had never had a ragoon because usually they are made with imitation crab. This deep fried crunchy side dish is filled with cream cheese and green onions. It’s a plain side and requires the sauce to round it all off. (sweet and sour). The spring rolls were delish and well as the rest of the food. I always get a little nervous ordering broccoli based vegetables from fast food places because they can sometimes be undercooked but these were not! Very good. The Chow Mein is my favorite vegetarian Panda Express food item, but since the only vegetables in it are onions and bits of cabbage it could be better.

I wanted to go into Hobby Lobby in search for the ornament but there was a lot of people waiting in line and I couldn’t talk my man into waiting that long for an ornament. Lastly we went into Target and I found the perfect ornament. It was simple and pretty and had everything I believe my coworker would appreciate.

The little trees got me, I thought they were so cute. My coworker was/is very involved in her chuch and really appreciates the true meaning of Christmas. This little white church covered in glitter is so simple yet so pretty.

I always have fun hunting for the most perfect present for the people that I care about. Even if it’s just a ornament and it can be frustrating a long the way. It’s so satisfying finding the perfect one! What is something you have been hunting for this Holiday season? Let me know in the comments!

with love,


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  1. Linda says:

    That lil church ornament looks like Epiphany! ❤️


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