July Favorites: Mary Kay Edition

These are some really good products here! Some of them are even new products! One was actually a product of the month! I might actually start with that one! Mary Kay Hydrogel Eyepatches: The NEW product of the month! I loved using these especially during the summer where my skin gets so dehydrated from sitting…

February Overview

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reading challenge update | reading with children

I just realized how much I have been slacking on keeping you all updated with my yearly reading challenge update. I honestly have been slacking in a lot of fields but sometimes life gets in the way of things and the tower of priorities start fumbling around.  For those of you who need a reminder….


I no longer have twitter.. again. Therefore I don’t have my main source of social media that not only attracted my blog to others but truly got me involved with the blogging community! Those threads gave me life! I was able to connect with so many people. I still have the Facebook groups and Instagram…