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Hi, I’m Caysey. Some of you have been around for a while some of you are new here and I appreciate you joining in on my journey wherever you may be in it. I started my blog in 2017, almost 5 years ago. That’s hard for even me to believe. Though, I haven’t monetized my blog much. I spent most of those years just writing about my every day interests, things that I researched that I wanted to share with friends and just random events that happened in my life. I started my blog because I wanted to inspire people. I wanted to inspire people to be the best versions of themselves and know that the world is absolutely limitless. Then it kind of just turned into what it was. I want to go back to the roots of who I am and why I started.

Who am I?

I personally feel like this question has a lot of answers. My name is Caysey. I’m 25 years old. I’m a girl mom to a lovely 8 (almost) 9 year old. I’m engaged to the love of my life. I currently work as a Certified Surgical Tech but you probably will not hear much about that. I enjoy a lot of different things in life that it’s really hard to pin just a few down. Writing is my number one passion I would say. I love being able to express myself with words and showing people how I look at the world. Photography is a close second for a very similar reason. I’ve always been so intrigued with the idea that I can show people how I view the world, why I think it’s so bright and beautiful. What makes me fall in love with life everyday.

Aside from those two things I also enjoying doing things with my hands such as painting, drawing, creating things and playing video games with my friends.

I also have everyday interested in fitness and fashion although I consider these things to be simply a part of my everyday life and not my whole life, if that makes sense.

What am I doing?

The point of this post is that I wanted to share with you all what I am going through. I am currently rebranding my blog and in a way, my life. I’m cleaning up the blog that I used to have without entirely deleting it.

I’ve changed my logo which you might have already noticed. It used to be a bee with a lavender background. Although, I enjoyed the simplicity of it I just felt like it didn’t represent me. I love bees without a doubt and I love their spiritual meaning of strength and wisdom. I wanted to take a step in a more serene color scheme. I also changed my symbol to a fox.

The reasoning behind the fox symbol is because throughout my life I have seen foxes cross my path usually in a time of doubt or transition in my life. I started recognizing them as spirit guide so to say. I feel like every time I see a fox it’s a sign that I am where I’m supposed to be in life. It assures me that I chose the right route in life. So I hold that idea very close to me.

I also decided to choose sunshine and calming colors that to me initiated happiness. With hints of complimentary green to make it appear more earthy.

It’s not just the logo that is making the change. It’s the posts and the words that are going to come after it. I’m shifting what I publish and making it feel like it’s mine again.

I had a hard time for a while when I fell into the blogging community that I had to have a niche and I had to make consistent content in order to be successful I then caught myself chasing success and trying to be like everyone else in the community. Not that that’s wrong but it’s not why I started.

I didn’t start a blog because I heard you can make money from it. I didn’t start a blog to impress people. I started a blog because I wanted my own platform. I wanted a place where I can be open and be myself and inform and inspire people. I shouldn’t feel forced to post weekly. I write weekly but a lot of it is content that I don’t plan on publishing for a while.

Why am I doing it?

The reason behind the rebranding ultimately came down to where I am in life. I recently went through a life change that made me sit down and reprioritize my needs and wants out of life. I recently bought a home and I was faced with a new canvas in life. A new place where I can start over. A space that I can make my home. My sanctuary and that initiated a change in me. As I started making physically changes around me in made me fall back to my roots and look within myself which in turn made me want to express the feelings outwardly in other aspects of my life.

What this means?

In total, this just means that everything will remain the same with minor adjustments. I’m switching the categories up so that the focus is on different things. You can still look up my old categories such as recipes and fitness they just will not be at the top as they were before. I’ll have pages such as creating c.p and capturing c.p to show light on some of my other things I enjoy in life. My blog pages will look a little aesthetically different but my posts will still be the same. I’ll be focusing on creating more quality content instead of a quantity of content. I believe that will be better for my focus.

I hope this isn’t too much to take in. I really enjoy making posts and will continue to deliver the content you deserve while also homing in to my needs.

as always,

with love,


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