Quarter Life Crisis

I turned 25 last month.

This is a big milestone in life. Mid-twenties. Young but you feel old. Dampered with responibilies with a heart that doesn’t want to feel heavy with burden. Not so long ago I wrote a post about Social Expectations of twenty-somethings and how it plays a role in the way we handle our lives but I’m not going to discuss that today.

I’m going to talk about my quarter life crisis and what I hope it has in store for me. Honestly, on and around my birthday, I wasn’t feeling the hottest. Not because I was bummed about turning twenty five or anything because truly I wasn’t. I had a couple fo things going on in my life that just simply made me feel… misplaced in the world. I felt alone and sad. On top of that mentality. I was also feeling extremely tired. Like “if-you-sit-down-you-are-going-to-take-a-nap” tired. And to be honest, I hate naps. I have not been able to master naps. I can maybe count on one hand the amount of times I’ve had a nap and felt refreshed when I woke up. They always leave me feeling groggy and worse than before. So if I’m napping, there might be something going on.

Anyway, my birthday week was actually really enjoyable and I had a lot of fun with my family and friends! I just was feeling strange at the time.

Thinking back to where I am in terms of where I expected to be, I’m not entirely far off. I honestly never thought much into a career when I was growing up. Well, honestly scratch that. I thought a lot about careers growing up but I was so indecisive I could never settle on one idea or path for me. I have always really enjoyed the idea of helping people. I know my life would be truly fulfilled in a career where I know I’ve made an impact and difference in the lives of others. That was a broad choice of careers just off of the jump. I also felt like I wasn’t entirely exposed to the vast possibilities of choices. There are so much job titles that I had no idea existed at the time before prepping fro college and making the decision of a lifetime.

In terms of relationships, I am very blessed to have found my life partner at the age that I did. It wasn’t the one I was with in high school obviously but really in truly that worked out for the best. I met my partner when I was 19 at a very soft point in my life. I was currently enrolled in school to become a surgical technologists which is the job I currently have.

Dating in your early twenties is so.. Strange, if you really think about it. We go through so many changes in that term of life. It’s delicate. For me blossoming from a student to a full time worker while also balancing being a young mom and adjusting to being independent… There was a lot going on personally and I discovered then how important it is to have a partner who is willing to grow with you while also allowing you to grow independently.

With that being said, I imagined myself being married by 25 with hopes of giving my daughter a sibling at 26. I’m 1/3 of the way there with plans to finally tie the knot next year! The baby part may come whenever the timing is right.

In terms of life itself, I’m very satisfied. I’m a home owner. I have a stable career. A supportive relationship. Loving family and friends. Yet, there is still so much to do.

What inspired my post today is a conversation with an older gentleman, early 70s. He asked me how old I was turning and in response he said..

“25, huh? I remember when I was 25. I think that was when I was in my prime.”

He went on of course to talk about how he was in great physical condition at the time, running 10 miles a day, thriving in medical school, traveling as much as he could.

It wasn’t right then but a little bit later when I came to the realization. I know most people don’t recognize they’re in their prime when they’re in their prime but my quarter life crisis is going to be me wanting to live out my prime years. I want to be in peak physique and peak mental health; not allowing everyday anxieties to play such an active role in my life. Work hard. Be the active person in my life making it more forward.

I have dreams I want to accomplish. Goals that I want to reach this year and within the years to come that I have the drive and potential to achieve. I don’t want to waste my time just coasting.

There’s always a but though… I want to have the drive to achieve my goals without feeling like I’m overworking myself to achieve them. I have to find the healthy balance that allows me to fulfill the dreams and life I desire to have.

So to answer the question you may have,

My quarter life crisis wasn’t me having a melt down. It wasn’t a catastrophic event in my life. It was a simple realization that I want to be present in my young years but also do the work I need to do in order to achieve the life I crave.

I’m revamping my life. Restoring the balance and finding contentment within myself.

“Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.”

with love,


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  1. Vicky Petty says:

    I love reading your blogs and hearing your perspective on things!


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