Year 2022

As 2022 came to a close, I reflected on the past year and the “bucket list” I made.

The goals for 2022 went from everything simple and doable to some big things that I’ve always wanted to do. Did I accomplish all of them? Not really. Is that okay? Absolutely. Because there will always be another year. Here below is the list in which I created at the beginning of last year and I have filled in the hearts of those I have accomplished.

♥ Become more financially responsible.

♥ Ride in an airplane

♡ Set a date for the wedding and plan it

♡ Go horseback riding

♥ Watch the sunrise

♡ Plant a tree

♥ Go to a new beach

♡ Finish the book

♥ Visit a national park

♥ Make a difference

♥ Read two books a month

♥ Set a goal and accomplish it!

♡ Go scuba diving

♥ Create more art

♥ Start Vlogging

My big one was to become finically responsible. In other words, I wanted to take control over my finances and really bucket down on my debt and organize the way I spend my money and what I truly want to invest in. With the help of my mom, I created a spreadsheet on the ends and outs of my finances. Looking at daily spending, how much I spend at the grocery store in a month, how much my monthly bills pile up to be: including things like subscriptions and utilities. This year I was able to eliminate my credit card debit. (whoop, whoop) and leaving only my (new) car payment and my house payment the other thing on my credit. I still have one active card that I use monthly just so that I have something else on the credit line and I pay it off every month and don’t go over 10% on it.

Another big thing I wanted to do this year is travel. I have never been on an airplane before in my 25 years of life and I was just inching to fly across the country. There is so much of the world, in America alone, to see and I’ve been dying to fly! Well, I did it. And I can’t wait to travel like that again! It was amazing and the world is so beautiful from up there. I was even able to check off, watch the sunrise, from the sky! It was amazing.

I wanted to put some more simple activities on there, to encourage me to do more of what I love such as creating and vlogging and going scuba diving, riding on horseback through the NC mountains. I didn’t get to do the last two but they are going back on my list for 2023! I made some time to create things I never even thought about before like earrings and keychains, paintings and prints. Learning new hobbies and just finding new ways to express myself.

I started a new side-hobby into the Twitch-verse which is where people go to live stream activities such as gaming. I considered this vlogging, plus a new YouTube channel I made with one of my good friends. But it also let my check off a heart that said: Set a goal and accomplish it! With Twitch, you can end up earning commission based on the community you build but you have to reach certain requirements in order to do that. I was able to achieve affiliate during the time I spent on Twitch and have gained so many new friends; genuine connections with people all around the world!

Last but not least, if you read my last post, you might see that I reached my reading goal for 2022! Reading two books a month. I am happy to say I surpassed the 24 books, even if my monthly reads varied from 1-5. (oops) I’m still really pleased with this goal. I have been completely taken by the amount of talent these authors have. So many wonderful reads and even if there were some books, I wasn’t that impressed with it’s still so amazing that the people can create the worlds that just truly suck you in.

Here’s to 2023. May you be better and full of more adventures.

with love,

c.p ♡

What’s on your goal list for 2023? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Monch Weller says:

    Congratulations on crossing out most of the items on your bucket list!


    1. Caysey says:

      thank you so much!! i hope you had a great new year!

      Liked by 1 person

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