What Christmas Means To Me

I know, I thought of the song by Stevie Wonder too.

Christmas is a representation of the day God decided to send his only begotten son to earth to show us the true definition of unconditional love and mercy.

Unconditional love.

Love without conditions. If everyone could love without condition. Without bitterness and remorse. Imagine what the world would be like.

I like to think that just for one day. The day of Christmas we can just pretend that the whole world is fallen under the trance of unconditional love. Filled with so much merriness and cheer. Spending time with family and loved ones. Exchanging meaningful presents. Showing appreciation for the little things in life and allowing it to fill your heart up with pure happiness.

That’s what Christmas means to me. Christmas means to me that even in the bitterness of a cold winter there is still warmth to be found in life and in love. In Jesus we were taught to how he loved us unconditionally to the point that he gave his life for us. I want to be like Jesus. I want to love the world unconditionally and spread kindness everywhere I go.

I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! What does the holiday season mean to you?

with love,


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