Social Networking

I sometimes forget that Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are considered social networks. I love using social media as a way to connect and engage with other people. Espeically now more than ever when everything seems to be virtual. I feel like social media is meant to be fun. It’s meant to be yours. It’s a platform that you get to create to share whatever you like and to whatever degree you wish. It’s interesting how I feel like I know people that I never had the chance to meet simply by what they post and what conversations we’ve had based on their posts. Remember back when Instagram was a place where you would snap a photo of your food or dog and slap an insta-filter on it and post it and maybe one or two of your closest friends would like it? Those were such simple times. Now it has grown and developed into a whole new adventure of things. It has made something such as networking so much more achievable.

When I talk about networking I’m referring to the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. This is really important for those of you who are trying to brand themselves or build up their business. Wether it is something such a modeling or a new small business venture that you are tackling social media is a wonderful way to achieve just that by simply opening the doors to new networking possibilities

I get asked a lot how I have so many followers on Instagram and it’s a weird question to me because I didn’t intentional try to grow my instagram to where it is now at least at first I didn’t. I honestly started on Twitter. I had an account that grew to about 20K before it got hacked and suspended by Twitter, a lot of you that follow my blog might remember this from a few years back and even when you type in my name @cayseypetty it still says suspended *tear* but anyway. For me it was a lot easier to network on twitter because it was easier to find and interact with likeminded people which is honestly all networking is. It’s building relationships and connecting with people who have similar goals and interests as you. Taking blogging for example, on twitter they are are these accounts specifically created to help bloggers gain and engage with other bloggers. On there you can see where other bloggers post their latest blog posts and interact with them and they can do the same. No matter the niche you’re in you can always find good company in the twitter community and the same goes with any creators wether you’re dabbling in art or gaming or vlogging; it’s really easy to find likeminded individuals and Instagram has also made it easier with the explore page and the accessibility of hashtags and being able to even follow hashtags.

One of the hashtags I follow is #igstyleblogger and I love coming across these boss babe posts with things such as fashion, beauty and make up. It’s a great way to find inspo and even comment, follow and interact with other people who have similar interest! same goes with any hashtag or niche you’re trying to achieve!

The key to social network is to be you, don’t be afraid to get personal. Be authentically you. It’s supposed to be easy, it’s supposed to be fun. The perfectly posed pictures are awesome and fantastic but don’t be afraid to add a little personality in there. If you’re goofy, show that you’re goofy. If you’re smart, show that you are smart. If God has changed your life, don’t be afraid to let people know! It’s your outlet and people will follow you for YOU. If someone doesn’t like it, that’s fine they can unfollow you! You’ll gain more people who genuinely care for you and what you have to offer.

So when it comes to social networking. Just be you and interact with people who are like you, who share the same ideas and habits. Don’t be afraid to make connections with people. If 2020 taught us anything it should’ve been that making connections and staying connected is so important and the internet is such a powerful force when it comes to that!

What are ways that you have grown your platform? What worked for you and what didn’t?

with love,


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