5 Habits of Every Successful Person

If you want to be successful one of the best things to do is to study successful people and notice that there are a lot of very consistent things that every successful person does. So I am going to cover 5 of the most important habits that I think are most consistent. Wake up Early….

reading challenge update | reading with children

I just realized how much I have been slacking on keeping you all updated with my yearly reading challenge update. I honestly have been slacking in a lot of fields but sometimes life gets in the way of things and the tower of priorities start fumbling around.  For those of you who need a reminder….

Currently: F.W.W.W.R.L

This is post one of possible a new things I might be trying this year where I’m going to be posting what I’m doing.. Reading, Watching, Writing, Using. Kind of like a monthly favorites almost. Feeling:  I’m feeling extremely cozy. I feel very comfortable at where I am in life and how caught up I…