Currently: F.W.W.W.R.L

This is post one of possible a new things I might be trying this year where I’m going to be posting what I’m doing.. Reading, Watching, Writing, Using. Kind of like a monthly favorites almost.


I’m feeling extremely cozy. I feel very comfortable at where I am in life and how caught up I feel like. I really feel like I’m finally getting my life together and able to stay on top of things!


As far as favorites go: I have this really simple white waffle quarter button up long sleeve that I wear a lot. Either out as a shirt, with pjs, under other clothes. It has so many universal uses to it! I of course wash it but I’m thinking about buying another one so it doesn’t get ruined by being leaned so much. 


I have always watched Friends. I consider it a comfort thing. If I’m by myself or having a hard time going to sleep I’ll play it in the background but here recently I started watching it from the beginning! I love it so much. I of course have shows that I watch with my fiance that change week by week. We just finished Sex Education on Netflix that was pretty good.


Ugh. This is hard. I feel like I want everythingI actually just ordered something that I really really wanted that I’m waiting to unveil as a surprise to you all! but I’m about to buy this super cute camera bag because I’m starting to take my photography more seriously and I need more room for my things then the standard bag holds and I’m going to order this super cute camera strap off of Etsy! 


I’m currently reading I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by: Maya Angelou. It is pretty much a biography of her childhood self written in the perspective of herself as a child. It is really interesting so far although I feel like I haven’t gotten into the guts of the book yet. As I was reading it I feel like I read it when I was in school because some passages sounds really familiar. It’s a great read so far. Oprah approved. 


Everything honestly. I feel like I’m just loving life right now. Everything seems to come together the way it should and I just feel very at peace right now. I feel like I should be more specific on what I am loving right now but really that’s the first thing that comes to my mind so maybe next month I’ll have something more specific.  

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