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I just realized how much I have been slacking on keeping you all updated with my yearly reading challenge update.

I honestly have been slacking in a lot of fields but sometimes life gets in the way of things and the tower of priorities start fumbling around. 

For those of you who need a reminder. I set a goal to read 100 books this whole year and yes, I am aware just how much that is.. With 52 weeks in a year that means that I would have to read 2 books a week OR with 12 months in a year that means around 8.3 books a month which is A LOT. There was a time where I was even trying to do ausio books (is that cheating?) because I have an hour commute on my way to work and then another on my way home, not to mention the hour I work out on my days off.. I could totally knock out two books at the same time.. The audio book and then a physical book. Not to mention, I could read short poetry books or even novelettes. So there were total ways that it could have been accomplished..

So I thought at least.. But without surprise I slacked.. And I slacked hard. I think I’ve read 20 books this year.. And its June… So, there’s a chance I could read 50 books this year and that would be a good goal if I start to get to cracking.

I realized in the challenge that it’s almost sucked the fun out of it for a while. I was more concerned with the numbers instead of what I was actually reading. I was always worried about what was next or how long it would take me to finish the book I was reading and that’s not what reading is about. Reading is about increase knowledge and vocabulary and working out your brain. It’s about investing in these stories you read and taking something from each story you read. Reading is supposed to be a beautiful thing not a challenge.

Although, for the record.. If I added children books to my challege, I would have beat it a LONG time ago. I read at least three books to Colbi a night sometimes multiple times in the same night. She loves reading and that’s not an exaggeration. She is always asking me to read with her especially before going to bed.. It’s almost like in the movies, except she never falls asleep while reading instead she stays up until the end and then she talks for 30 more minutes about what we read and then whatever random jumbles she has to say. Which I love, don’t get me wrong. I love hearing her perspective of the story.

In Kindergarten, her teacher asked me to debrief with her after reading and asking her questions using the terms “main point” and “supporting details” which honestly in some of these kids books there isn’t a main objective but when I feel like it’s offered I certainly ask. Her teacher even mentioned that during the reading asking her how she feels like it will end (which is easier when we’ve read some books like 100 times.

Another thing that Colbi loves in going to the library. When I was younger I remember my grandmother taking me to the public library and going to the children’s room to play with the puzzles and read books or going to the classes where they offered educational classes on things like bees or trucks or certain careers like firefighters and it as something that I always told myself I would do with my children and grandchildren and I never knew that the love of this would flow in her the way that it does. It’s honestly so inspiring.

With that being said, I saw this adorable shirt shop in Instagram that offers a free tote to any mother who complete’s this 100 book summer reading challenge with their children which I believe is a wonderful way to get parents reading with their children especially over the summer where a lot of children experience a summer slow down.

the instagram is @lilmamashirtshop   if any of you moms want to check it out!

What’s one of your favorite books you have read this year? What’s a book that’s on the top of your To Be Read? let me know in the comments.

with love,



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