The Book.

The Book. The Book has been a very hot topic lately. I talk very sparingly about it and I always include it in my yearly goals “start the book” “finish the book”. It’s there but I’ve never touched the topic much. To be quite honest with you I’m extremely superstitious. I harp on the idea…

5 Habits of Every Successful Person

If you want to be successful one of the best things to do is to study successful people and notice that there are a lot of very consistent things that every successful person does. So I am going to cover 5 of the most important habits that I think are most consistent. Wake up Early….

20/20 Vision

As of today there are officially six weeks left of 2020. SIX weeks! I have been using these last couple of weeks to visually align myself for the next year. I don’t know why but I had felt an incredible shift in energy and I’m more motivated than ever to take control of my future…

reading challenge update | reading with children

I just realized how much I have been slacking on keeping you all updated with my yearly reading challenge update. I honestly have been slacking in a lot of fields but sometimes life gets in the way of things and the tower of priorities start fumbling around.  For those of you who need a reminder….

Favorite Reads So Far!

As you may know, I’m doing a reading challenge for 2019 where I have challenged myself to read 100 books. I calculated it out to be 8.3 books a month! Which is possible.. Maybe. I might be in over my head but these are the reviews for my top 3 favorites reads of each month!…