5 Habits of Every Successful Person

If you want to be successful one of the best things to do is to study successful people and notice that there are a lot of very consistent things that every successful person does. So I am going to cover 5 of the most important habits that I think are most consistent.

  1. Wake up Early.

I know a lot of you don’t want to hear this, some of you are night owls and that’s perfectly fine! But waking up early is beneficial for a number of reasons! One of the reasons that this is such an important habit to have is because waking up early gives you your me time. It gives you time to dedicate to yourself because usually once you get up and you start working and start going out. A lot of stuff that you do ends up being for other people or ends up being for your business. For those of us who work for someone else most of your waking hours you’re busy working for someone else and for someone else’s dream.

I personally love waking up early. Even if there wasn’t so much value in it I feel like I would do it anyway. Don’t get me wrong I love sleep and if I didn’t set my alarm I could easliy sleep for a 10-12 hours. In order to be successful though, espcially because I have a job, work my own business and I’m a mom of a school aged child. I want to have that time to work on what I want to work on for myself before I start working for others and falling into the mix of everyday life.

So there’s a lot of reasons why you want to wake up early and there’s a lot of things that you can do. I can give you an idea of what I do when I wake up early and. I usually wake up an hour to two hours before I need to in order to dedicate to me time. I like to put my phone which is my alarm in a different spae than right beside me. The reason I do that is becasue I feel into the habit of waking up and rolling over and turning it off or hitting snooze. As soon as I get up, I walk t=into m kitchen adn drink a bottle or a fix a glass of water and squeeze some lemon into it. The reason when is throughout the night while you’re sleeping your body gets really deprived of water, if you’re really grogy in the morning it could just be from the fact that you are dehydrated. Squeezing lemon into your water makes it three times more hydrating than just drinking plain water by itself. Then I’ll make my coffee and drink coffee afterwards but I try to do a 15 minute medition session or yoga session where I just allow myself to sit in silence and think all of the things I need to think while I have time to think. I sometimes will do this on my commute to work instead because I have an hour long drive on the days that I work. I’ll sometimes read or write. I absoutely love writing (which is one of the reasons I blog, obvi.) and I’m trying to do better at reading and depending on the day of the week it is I’ll try to workout a little bit in the morning! But that’s pretty much my morning routine.

If you think about it some of the reason why a lot of people who wake up early are successful is because they allow themselves to have me time in the morning so by the time they get to work they have already done way more than everyone else that they are around. When you wake up early you already have your mind working because you’re meditated, you already have your body working because you worked out, usually you are on a whole new level especially since you also already have your coffee. I personally just feel 100% better verses just getting up, getting ready, drinking your coffee and going to work. It helps you have a very proactive day instead of a very reactive day. You wake up on purpose for yourself to be better for yourself.

As far as habits go, it is proven that it takes your body 21 days to get used to a new habit. So if you want to create a new habit for yourself such as waking up early, set your alarm a little bit earlier and do it consistently everyday for 21 days and your body will get used to it. Same thing with breaking a habit, if you want to stop drinking for a while, dedicate 21 days to not drinking and your body is going to feel completely different.

2. Having Unbreakable Work Ethic

Next, I feel like is the most obvious habit. I love studying successful people and listening to how successful people’s brains work. Whenever I am listening to successful people give their testimonies and their success stories. One thing that is solid throughout is they have really unbreakable work ethic. They’re never lazy. They work hard at whatever they want to accomplish. There’s a very powerful quote that I feel like is applied a lot in sports but can really be applied anywhere and that is, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. You can naturally be good at something but if you don’t put the hours into it that it takes to be truly successful at it you’re not going to be as dedicated or well rounded. Relating it back to sports Micheal Jordan is a prime example of this quote. Micheal Jordan didn’t make his high school basketball team.He wasn’t naturally born with athleticism. He had to work hard to accomplish his goal. He worked so hard in fact that he went down in history as the greatest basketball player to ever go through the NBA. He wasn’t born with it but he was dedicated to make a difference.

If you don’t have good work ethic and you want good work ethic something that you can incorporate in your next 21 days of building a habit is questioning yourself on how you can go the extra mile, how you can do just a little bit more so that I can show my boss that I’m serious or show myself that I can really maximize my potential.

3. Exercise

Some of you really don’t want to hear this but it has been a proven fact across a lot of successful people. Successful people work out more than unsuccessful people do. There are different theories on why this is such a huge staple in a lot of successful people’s habits and a lot of people counter it saying why when I am trying to be successful would I waste my time and energy on going and working out when I could use all of that energy on my business? What a lot of very successful people know is that if you are starting to lose energy your body will work and try to figure out a way to hep you gain energy. So if you’re going and working out X amount of days in a row you’re going to notice your levels of energy increasing because your body will naturally adapt to that. This is also why working out in the morning is so beneficial. Because you will have a whole lot of energy in the morning.

Even if you don’t go to the gym just waking up early enough to get moving. I know people who even noticed a change just by waking up early enough to go for a 30 minute walk with their dog or 30 minute walk with their husband or wife. Just that movement and that heart rate going up is enough to boost your energy throughout the day. This is why exercise is so important. It’s very rare that you see a successful person or billionaire or millionaire who is unhealthy or overweight and thats because most of the time they understand the concept that in order to be successful their body has to have enough energy to push themselves throughout the day. If you’re not into exercise just do 30 minutes of movements or walking or dedicate 3 days a week to going to the gym and build your motivation up.

4. Set Goals and Write Them Down

The reason why you want to write your goals down is because when you write them down it becomes a physical format that your brain now registers as such. Instead of just speaking or thinking our goals and aspirations. If I really want something I’ll do these things called visual ques where I’ll put it as my phone back ground or my desktop background to have it as a constant reminder that that is my goal. For example, I have a house as one of my desktop backgrounds because I that is a really bog goal for me this year is to purchase a house! another example of a visual que could be writing a note or a goal or even a motivational quote on your bathroom mirror with either a sticky note or some kind of dry erase marker so that it’s something you see everyday as a reminder. So set goals and have visual ques for yourself whater it’s in your bathroom or car or on your mirror. Set goals and make it happen!

5. Reading

Number five is probably honestly not one of the most important ones but it has been extremely consistent among successful people. I read in one particular article that the average CEO reads 60 books a year. Which means the average CEO reads more than a book a week. Which speaks volumes because it shoes you that even people who are already at the top of success are constantly trying to get better. The greatest minds in the world, alive or dead, have written books. Anything that you want to know is probably already written. There are so many wonderful resources out there even some books that are shorter that pack a lot of information! Some recommended books are:

  • Focal Point by Brain Tracy
  • The Mamba Mentality by Kobe Bryant
  • Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn
  • The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz

There are even some books out there that are free too! Try some of these habits for the next 21 days and see how much of a change you have felt! Try doing one at a time and see if you can develop a habit of it! Let me know if this helps in the comments!

with love,


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