The Book.

The Book.

The Book has been a very hot topic lately. I talk very sparingly about it and I always include it in my yearly goals “start the book” “finish the book”. It’s there but I’ve never touched the topic much.

To be quite honest with you I’m extremely superstitious. I harp on the idea that you should never tell someone your goals or ideas for if you do you risk the potential for people yo inflict their negative emotions and opinions on you. Jinxing the good luck and good intentions. Then I decided not to be so superstitious about it. About **this one** at least.

I have been in the progress of making a story in a style that has been inspired by the great Rupi Kaur. Now I know that many people don’t like her writing style and that’s okay. Confessional poetry is not for everyone.

My first book will be a collection of poetry and prose that will follow a girl recovering from a traumatic relationship and her journey of not only falling in love with herself but with the world around her again. It will be a three part book highlighting the mile markers in which her journey follows.

Here are some excerpts:

You may have seen some of these on my instagram (@withlove.cp). I have been slowly exposing my writing to see if it would be something people would be interested to see more of. Regardless, it still is a work in progress. I have so many more ideas to put to paper and so much more work to put into it but hopefully I will finish the book as I have written in my yearly goals and have a rough draft sent to the right publisher.

We will see then of course how it will all play out.

as always,

with love,


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