4 Reasons Why Water is the Best Thing for You


As we all learned in high school biology, our body is made up of 60% water so it just makes sense at how vital it is to consume water. Water should be our main source of fluid intake if not our only. There are plenty of areas of your body that benefit from water. There are things like stomach pains, heart issues, body fat, skin disorders, dental problems and other health issues that can result from drinking high sugary drinks. I’m going to make a list of benefits you can gain from drinking only water.

  1. You’ll lose weight fast
  • Studies show that drinking just 17 oz of water a day can boost your metabolism by 24%-making a difference in your energy levels too
  • Water is a natural appetite suppressant, making you less prone to overeating and causing your body to feel fuller faster.
  • Helps detoxify your body- flushing all those toxins out is a daily importance
  1. Better brain function
  • Your brain i made up of 75% or more of water.
  • Drinking more water helps you focus better and maintain mental energy
  1. Clear Skin
  • Drinking water helps moisturize the skin from the inside out
  • Your skin getting oily is its way of trying to hydrate your dry skin so drinking more water helps your skin produce less oil over time.
  1. Digestive tract
  • Dental health- drinking things like soda and sugary drinks help quicken the production of plaque and cavities. By drinking only water you suppress that greatly.
  • Hypertension, heart problems, diabetes, kidney and liver disease have a higher risk of developing if you don’t drink enough water
  • It’s also important to understand the more alkaline your water is the better it is for your body and digestive system. Water can become acidic depending on how it is processed or where it comes from, by testing your pH of your favorite brand you may be suprised what you find.
  • And I’ll say it again, detoxification!

I’ve seen people lose 20 lbs in two weeks just by cutting out sodas and sugary drinks! Of course everybody’s body’s are different but I just thought those were crazy results. A little tip that I found to be helpful when it comes to drinking more water is adding fruit and natural flavors to the mix like: Lemon + Mint + Cucumber, Berries + Basil, Raspberries + Lemon, etc. I also found that frozen fruit work really good with keeping it cool!

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