FOR THOSE OF YOU who are unfamiliar with what a GNC Pro Box is, it is something that is included with a Pro Membership package that you can sign up for at your local GNC or even online and gnc.com. You get one twice a year and typically you can customize it to what your goal is and it allows you to sample products based of your goal wether it’s muscle gain, weight loss, women’s needs, men’s needs, etc. I was so excited when I got mine in the mail because I had been waiting for it since I signed up! I love getting mail anyway so I was twice as excited! I did a vlog of my opening the pro box as soon as I got it and seeing what’s inside!


I’ve done more research on the products by looking into what they do, their ingredients as well as reviews listed on the website. So the Box contains a total of 8 items plus a bonas gift!

The first thing that I looked into was the BODYDYNAMIX SLIMVANCE CORE SLIMMING COMPLEX. One the website it has a photo listing the ingredients and the nutrients involved in each of the ingredients. Such as Tumeric which is an antioxidant that helps protect cells and may impact bile production-yikes. Moringa which provides healthy fiber and contains B vitamins the help convert fat  to energy as well as fights oxidative stress and supports overall health. Curry leaves which include calcium, proteins, iron, carbohydrates and vitamin c.

I looked over some of the reviews and I saw a lot of people who were pleased with it and a lot that were not. The thing about any product that you use is the fact that every one’s body is different therefore everyone’s body reacts to different medicines and supplements different. I saw more people say that it worked more if you’re on a diet and that it helps suppress appetite therefore helps with people who have trouble overeating, etc.

img_4410This bottle retails for $60.00 for a months supply.

Next was the PERFORMIX SST V2X.  The description says that these liquid capsules are supposed to give you unrelenting energy while giving you advanced fat metabolism boost and heightened mental focus. Most of the reviews I’ve seen these really worked for people. Some even got into how they’re busy moms and hardly had time to go to the gym or they’re workaholics and hardly have time to workout. Which I know what it’s like to have a busy lifestyle and making time for the gym so this may be a product to consider if you’re in that situation. I did see one comment though that mentioned that if you have trouble with anxiety it might make you really sick but I think that’s with any energy enhancer because it’ll get your heart racing or blood flowing.

img_4411For a 60 day supply it costs $75.99

GNC WOMEN’S ULTRA MEGA* Energy and Metabolism. These are supposed to provide Energy, promote Calorie Burning, contains Antioxidants (Apparently, more antioxidant power than ever and over 30 clinically studied ingredients in every formula). Contains a clinically studied women’s multivitamin formula shown to work better than a basic multivitamin. Helps to support bone health.

Most of the reviews were really good. They said they noticed a change in their energy levels and some even started seeing weight loss in the first week!

img_4412This retails for $22 for a month’s supply.


These bars contain 170 Calories, 15g Protein and 10g Fiber. These bars are advertised as meal replacement bar or just a snack. Most of the reviews said that they were very filling, not to sweet and great for cravings if you’re watching you calorie intake. I’m always looking for something that’s high in protein for my work out routine so it’s something that i’m looking into.

Its $10 for 5 bars.


We have always heard of apple cider having many benefits and is a natural home remedy from anything from sore throats to varicose veins. I have recently heard of people adding apple cider to their diets and losing crazy amounts of weight in a few weeks. Apple cider vinegar is really acidic so I think you’ll have to be carful with your teeth and throat, for example i think it’s important to dilute it and not just drink it straight but maybe this product is different. It has a lot of health benefits such as it being loaded with 17 amino acids, vitamins like potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus and minerals like B1, B6, and B12 but I heard that its more of a progressive thing and not a quick fix.

img_4413I didn’t see that many reviews on this product but ACV really does have good benefits and I’ve seen people being really successful with it. These have really good flavors such as honey and tumeric which tumeric is good for anti-inflammatory.

This retails for $24 for a 12 count.


This is advertised as a meal replacement shake as well as it being hunger-satisfying and suitable for a low-carb dietHealthy addition to your daily meal plan, with high-quality protein, and convenient portion control, the key to success in a weight management program. 180 calories, 10 NET carbs which is total carbohydrates (18) minus fiber carbohydrates(8) which is usually followed on a keto diet, and 25 grams of protein.

Most of the reviews said that the product was really satisfying with great flavor and consistency.

img_4414It’s $40 for about 16 servings.

GNC Natural Brand Bee Pollen Complex

This one got me! I was like ??? Bee pollen?? I honestly couldnt find thin on the website so I don’t have any reviews for you or even a price for that matter but I did do some research on what the buzz is about bee pollen-haha, get it? And I found on a website it said:

Bee pollen supplementation comes with many promises, such as increased athletic performance, treatment of asthma, weight loss, and the treatment of addictions. However none of these claims have been vetted in a clinical setting. A 1982 study found no benefits in athletic performance of adolescent swimmers supplementing with bee pollen. And while in the past some people may have found a weight-loss benefit when taking a particular bee pollen supplement, that is just because it was laced with an illegal weight-loss pharmaceutical: The FDA recalled Classic Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsules, a bee pollen supplement marketed for its weight-loss effects, because it was found to contain Sibutramine, a weight-loss drug pulled from the U.S. market due to increased risk of users having a heart attack or stroke.

img_4415So I honestly don’t know what the product is or how it could be potentially beneficial. Weird.

GNC Probiotic Solutions- Weight Management Support 

In the website description it says “Multi-strain probiotic with clinically studied strains & a weight management blend with specialized probiotic strains to impact fat absorption. Why GNC Probiotic Solutions Weight Management Support? Contains multiple strains of live, active probiotic culture, specialized probiotic strains to impact fat absorption
Powerful Citri-Sculpt™ blend to support body composition and fat metabolism, guaranteed potency through expiration date. Everyone knows that probiotics clean your system and help fight illness before they even come. The reviews mostly say that it curbs your appetite and helps keep you digestive system on track

This sales for $40 for 60 capsules.

Last but not least TURBO TEA! This is advertised as a pre-workout supplement and if you’re unfamiliar with pre workout it usually heightens your energy levels so that you can workout for hours.

PRODUCT LABEL:  Energized Tea Supplement!


  • Heightened alertness
  • Enhanced thermogenesis
  • Hydration & Antioxidants
  • Minimal carbs & calories.


  • 90 mg of caffeine
  • No calories
  • No carbs or sugar
  • Ginseng, Guarana, Electrolytes

Most of the reviews said that it really did the job right with low calorie and carbs! So if you’re on a low carb or calorie diet I would recommend this for energy. It is recommend to only drink one a day and no more.


It’s priced at $24 for 12 drinks.

And thats all I have for today! If you have tried any of these products or are interested in these products, leave a comment below!

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