As some of you may know, I am a GNC Pro Member and one of the benefits of being a member is the fact that you receive two pro boxes a year in the mail! In these boxes you get samples of products and even sometimes you can get full products to try!

So the first on that I’m going to break down is the Beyond Raw LIT. 

I actually use the LIT powder as a pre-workout so I was certainly stoked to receive this one! I never had the classic flavor but I’ve tried Gummy Worm, Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy and Rainbow Sherbet. Cotton Candy is my favorite though. 

This contains:img_0347
Zero Sugar
250mg Caffeine
3g L-Citrulline
3.2g Beta-Alanine
100mg NeuroFactor™ 

It honestly works really great and maximizes my workout! When I first used it, it gave me a tingly feeling but once it started burning it all went away. A lot of people that use it have claimed that it gives them a good amount of energy and helps with focus. 


Next up is LifeAid, FITAID;

img_0344The Recovery Blend includes: Glutamine, Glucosamine
Branched Chain Amino Acids
Electrolytes, CoQ-10
Turmeric, Quercetin
Green Tea Extract
Vitamins C, D, & E
Full B Complex

Fun Facts:

45mg Caffeine from Green Tea

All of the reviews given were 5 stars. The costumers claimed great refreshing taste and their sore muscles had increased recovery time. The drink was carbonated but I agree, it did help my sore muscles recover! 

Milk Thistle is something that was new to me. When I looked it up to see the benefits I img_0348got a lot of feedback such as Cancer protectant and treatment, treats Liver disease, helps manage diabetes and the list goes on! It sounds like a great product. As far as fitness goes, it acts as a anti-inflammatory and contains antioxidants that helps with sore muscles. I was really surprised when I saw all of the health benefits though! This might be something to really look into.

Herbal Supplement
Supports Healthy Liver Function*

I love natural supplements that can help improve everyday wellness!



FinnaFlex Stimul8 (clever play on words there) is a pre-workout formula created to maximize your workout! Almost all of the reviews we 5 stars, customers claimed to have relentless energy and even a couple said it lasted throughout the whole day.

Ultimate Super Pre-Workout
Endurance + Ripping Matrix*
Unparalleled Energy*
Extreme Effects*

When I tried it, it did feel like I had a lot of energy. It was great during my cardio and I could easily workout for two hours when normally my workouts last maybe one unless I’m with a partner. Great product for sure!


Wheybolic Caffe Latte is a post workout protein to help strengthen and enhance muscle growth as well as give you a nice flavor to look forward to.

Clinically Proven Performance Protein

Proven to Increase Muscle Strength & Size in Just 8 Weeks*
Ultra-Pure, Fast-Absorbing Whey Protein Isolate & Hydrolysates

40g Protein
15g BCAA
10g Leucine
1g Velositol

Superior Performance Protein
Enhanced with More LECINE & BCAA than Standard Whey Protein
Elevated Muscle Fuel with a Premium 4:1:1 BCAA Ratio for Muscle Growth & Recovery^

The flavor was great! I was so sad to see that it wasn’t an option on the website. Customers have mixed reviews on the flavors because apparently they have changed the formula up some but as far as results go a lot of customers say that they have seen great results with it!


 Pre-Workout must be really popular these days with people in the fitness world but I’m mot surprised! I have see great results using pre-workout and it does give you that burst of energy to help push you through it and I’m sure C4 Ultimate Shred is no different!

Description: The most explosive PRE-Workout and Cutting Formula*

Formulated to Shred* in Everything Serving
Energy – Caffeine, TeaCrine®, and Rauwolfia Extract
Pumps – Citrulline Malate Nitrosigine®
Endurance – CarnoSyn®, Beta-Alanine
Focus* – Huperzine-A Zembrin® Caffeine

The reviews were fire!! A lot of people said that it might work TOO well, how awesome right? This is the first formula that I’ve noticed to say that it had fat burning qualities which is something that some of you might be looking for! 

WaterEx is exactly what it describes for you on the bottle. Helps regulate water balance in the body in an all natural way. This didn’t have that many descriptive reviews but I’mimg_0343 sure it helps regulating water weight in the body and shred an extra couple pounds. Reducing things such as bloating.


  • Helps regulate water balance*
  • Enhanced with vital electrolytes
  • All natural





Last but not least, Aloe Vera Moisturizing Cream. Very simple and helpful for skin protection and moisturization for the chappy season. 





And those are the things that were in my PROBOX! Check out my video(s) on my youtube channel and tell me what you think:  Caysey Petty


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