My “Regimen”

It’s so easy to get caught up in having a fun night with friends that you sometimes forget the consequences that come with the next morning.

I haven’t been in the drinking community long but with the holidays coming up  and it being my first year being legal, I feel like I might dabble in a little alcohol. So, I have to prepare myself for what also comes with the drinking.. the hangover. I haven’t really experienced  a true hangover, I don’t think. There are times where I feel a little more tired and sick to my stomach the next day but nothing like a migraine and unbearable light sensitivity. Maybe I haven’t partied hard enough..


With that being said I’m going to tell you what I tend to do the morning after:

The very first thing I do when I wake up is chug a chilled (not cold) bottle of water. I also make sure I drink plenty of water before I go to sleep. I take some advil, ibuprophen, something of that nature to help with some of the aches. I then take a nice, long hot (sometimes cold-depending on how I’m feeling) shower. NEXT, I like to fix myself a nice cup of coffee (this seems to help the most to me) and a nice breakfast. 

I’ve read different regimens that people have that tell you to avoid caffeine and I didn’t know why but at a glimpse I read: “If you’re a regular coffee drinker, you may have a mild caffeine addiction. Should you skip your morning coffee, withdrawal symptoms may make your hangover worse. The headache you already have from drinking could become more severe if you don’t have at least a little caffeine.”


Out of curiosity I looked into the reason why we actually get these hangovers, because thats the only true way to find a cure. I found this science artical that has mostly all the facts:

While we’re all familiar with the delightful symptoms of a hangover (headache, trembling, nausea, fatigue, dehydration, diarrhea, etc)… For many years, dehydration was blamed as the primary cause for hangovers. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it makes you pee more and hence makes you lose water. It does this by suppressing our body’s antidiuretic hormone vasopressin, which prevents you from urinating excessively… As Wiredpoints out, scientists have found that, in general, the levels of electrolytes (minerals in our bodily fluids) aren’t significantly different between controls and people with hangovers… So, dehydration probably isn’t responsible for the majority of your hangover, but it might give you a banging headache. These are an unfortunate by-product of your body attempting to restore fluid levels…. So we’ve covered headaches, but what makes our stomach churn the morning after? Alcohol actually irritates your stomach and intestine, causing inflammation of the stomach lining and delayed emptying of the stomach contents. It also causes us to produce more gastric acid alongside increasing the levels of pancreatic and intestinal secretions. Both of these can lead to that delightful nausea we often experience, or even cause us to throw up.

All very interesting and scientific, in my “research” I found other regimens that I’m going to share below! 



Do you get hangovers?

What is your “ultimate” hangover cure? Let me know in the comments. 

Thanks for stopping by!

with love,



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