Bettr, #bodyposi, instagram rant

     I posted a photo on my instagram that I took back in the summer of 2017. I was very proud of the picture. The details of it. The way my body looked, my tan I looked, I was proud but I never posted it util the other day. I never posted it for the simple thought that I believed someone would judge me if I did. Someone would say I’m showing to much or I’m boasting about my body and the way it looked. I almost captioned the photo “it took me a while to post this because I was afraid of what people would say but I’m here to be #bodypositive” but I didn’t want to draw the attention on negativity. I didn’t even really post it to show off my body at all but more because I thought the photo was really well taken and the edit had such crisp details and good lighting.  

     I know people posting pictures of their body and be triggering to some and I try to be considerate of everyone when I post. I very happily just broke 10K on instagram (how I have no idea but) that’s definitely a major audience to me, even though I only get like 10% of interactions which is probably normal espically with the algorithem. I still have to be more observant of what I post because of the audience that I have. 

There is so much that goes into feeling like you have to have the perfect instagram, the perfect aesthetic, your photos all have to look similar and flow to be aesthetically pleasing to the followers. You have to put a touch of pink or purple and make sure all the editing the same. I even downloaded and app called Bettr that is a photo scheduler and you can even look at what your photo is going to look like on the grid before you even post it. You can also schedule your posts way in advance just like your blog posts which is pretty nifty. I haven’t used it in a while though. I’m more of a “I post what I want the day of” kind of person. 

     -Do you think I should take the picture down?

     -What are some way that you try to make your instagram stick out? 

-Let me know in the comments!

thank you for reading!

with love,


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  1. Jessica says:

    NO don’t take it down! I realize with Instagram you have followers. However you have it for yourself and what your interested in sharing. Being a media account where many people view with obviously different view points of your own are also going see the picture and think different things. But regardless of their opinions it’s still yours to use however you want.

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  2. phigella says:

    No you shouldn’t take it down! Instagram is an odd place, I just post whatever I like, I have no theme or colour or anything and I rarely filter my images, I’m just me. You should be very proud, if my body looked like that I’d be posting photos everywhere.

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  3. Caysey says:

    thank you both for your kind words!!


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