Spring Break.

     It’s almost February which means I know a lot of y’all are getting ready for spring break! I’m honestly so excited for arm weather! It’s been so cold and I’ve just been over totally over it. My birthday is in February so you think I would be excited for it which I am but I’m stoked about doing something for spring break! Except maybe having to crack down on those spring break bodies whether you want to tone up, lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle or even just maintain we all have goals that we want to reach for our “pre-summer” body. You might try a juice cleanse or Keto, one of those diets that helps jumpstart you into your healthy lifestyle.

     I just had a friend who said she did a juice cleanse which is a three day program where you drink four juices a day and eat a salad. Her results were pretty good. What a juice cleanse is supposed to do is help with your digestive system and relieve symptoms such as bloating and maintaining your water weight. It has other benefits like simply detoxifying your body. But it’s really important to keep in mind that you need to hydrate a lot while you’re doing it to give the full effect especially if you’re like my friend and you’re working out while on it. Her results looked pretty good. If you’re trying to lose a couple inches it might be something you should try. 

     I had a family member doing Keto and I may have talked a little bit about this in an earlier post. She had dropped 20 pounds in two months which was amazing and exactly what she wanted. I would definitely recommend looking really really into it before even trying it because it can be a tough diet to maintain. You can get this thing called the “keto flu” and what that basically is, is your body going into ketosis which happens when low carbohydrate levels cause blood sugar levels to drop and the body begins breaking down fat to use as energy. Which is why is makes you lose fat. The Keto flu can make you feel ill and weak and can last about a week. After you get over the Keto flu you’re supposed to start feeling a lot better. Another thing you have to consider when taking on this diet is it’s definitely not for everyone. Your body may be the kid of body that needs carbs. This is a low carb, high protein diet that may not fit into everyone’s lifestyle. 

     If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I am an advocate of fitness and weather your outside, in home, in the gym, doing yoga classes, lifting eights, running, walking, I’m here for it! I think physical exercise is so important in anyone’s life. I believe it’s almost apart of a self care ritual. You have to treat your body to physical exercise. Take time out of your day to enjoy the fresh air and take a walk in the park. Alone or with a friend. Of corse having a healthy and balanced diet is great as well. Eating food that is good for you. Sure you can have fast food if you want it but you ned to balance it with healthy options throughout the day. A drink plenty of water! 

-What are some things you do to maintain your physique?

-Do you know anyone that’s tried weird or restrictive diets? 

-Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for taking the time to read!

with love,


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  1. deannasstilwell says:

    So motivating! What has your diet and exercise plan been like? Share that, I’d love to get some tips from it.

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