Guess who’s back?

I’m baaaack.

Yes, I’m sorry I know you’ve seen some posts here and there but it hasn’t been that consistent and I take full responsibility for it. I usually try to plan my post out and schedule them way beforehand, even as far as months in advance but then everyday life gets a hold of my and my attention and I start slacking some. Since my last Monday post, my daughter had the flu, I’ve been making moves toward wedding planning and I’ve even dealt with some things regarding my own health so my schedule has been a little full. I know I shouldn’t have to apologize and I find myself apologizing a lot but I just felt like everyone deserves and explanation. I love sharing my stories and experiences just as much as some of you enjoy reading and getting involved in them. I love this community and everything that it has done for me which I why I will always apologize if I ever fall short on my end because if I’m not posting, I’m also not reading which is one of my favorite pastimes. I love being able to connect and network with everyone and feel up-to-date on everyone’s latest posts.

I do have more content coming up in the near future, even some requested content involving my current career where I go into detail about Plastic and Gynecological Surgery which are two separate worlds but they’re both a part of mine. I have more fashion content coming up and of course I’ve been trying to get more vlogs coming up. I have great ideas for posts just stick with me!

Thank you so much for those of you who stick by me and support me and my content. It is always so appreciated.

with love,


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