How My Apple Watch Helps My Fitness Goals | Warrior Spirits

I have been told multiple times that I have a “warrior spirit” I have been told this here recently because I am the kind of person to try to beat my GPS arrival time. Such as, if my arrival time says 7:00 I’m going to try to get there at 6:59.. Every minute is a small victory *insert crying laughing emojis* but a last at my church during my talk of this said that there are some people who just have these “warrior spirits” about them, they’re constantly looking for a challenge no matter what it is. This plays into my post today because I would like to talk about my apple watch and how it constantly reminds me of my fitness goals!

Activity App.

There is a nifty little activity app on the Apple watches and mine is posted front and center on my home-screen. In this app there are three rings. MOVE, EXERCISE and STAND.

My Move goal is set to 450 calories a day and surprisingly thats the hardest one to complete (I don’t think it’s very accurate). My Stand goal is set to 12 hours and although most of the time I am standing for 12 hours it doesn’t always measure it unless it’s on the wrist and at work I can’t wear it constantly but on my days off it’s usually the first to complete. My Exercise goal is set to 30 minutes and this is pretty easy to complete. This is directly linked to the workout app on the watch. The workout app has a list of workouts you can choose from like yoga, strength training, indoor walk, outdoor walk, eliptical, pilates, the list goes on but it’s there to help support the exercise goal and make sure that it’s properly listed. 

Daily Challenges

I take these goals as daily challenges. There isn’t really much I can do with the stand goal but it really helps motivate me to get that 30 minutes of exercise a day which in turn can help me reach my move goal! But like I said I feel like it doesn’t really register it properly. I do feel so much more motivated to complete my goals when I have my apple watch on but again it must just be my warrior spirit lol

Do you guys have a smart watch? Do you think it helps you in any way shape or form? Let me know in the comments!

with love,



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