The Patriot Act

I have been so astonished by a show called Patriot Act on Netflix presented by a comedian by the name of Hassan Minhaj. My fiancé and I watch this some evenings before we go to sleep. We literally pick a random topic and go with it but he covers so many important topics. He “explores the modern cultural and political landscape with depth and sincerity” as beautifully described in overview on Google. He challenges topics such as Civil Rights Under Trump to Hip Hop and Streaming. This man has four seasons filled with topics covering not only national headlines and concerns but also International situations such as Indian Elections and Brazil, Corruption and The Rainforest. He discusses real time problems going on in this corrupted world. His work going beyond headlines and his research is extensive. He used a unique comedic approach to discuss serious investigations. Half of the information he’s essentially preaching on I had no idea was even going on. I have learned so much more from him than I would learn from modern day media (although I do attempt to avoid the media at all costs)

If you haven’t watched this show it is highly recommended by me! It is certainly educational and you will be mind blown by the impact this man will have on your life. This show makes me think of things I never would have thought of before and certainly in a different perspective. He has a non-biased approach and is so intellectual on his discussions. His title on google says comedian but I am convinced that he is far more than just that. That or he has a really good research team alongside of him.

For example I recently watched the one about “Brazil, Corruption and the rainforest. He not only covers the devastating story of the diminishing rainforest and how important it is to our world as a whole but he discusses why it’s happening. How Brazil is in charge of over 60% of the rainforest. The corruption the country is facing and how the corruption began. He even spoke of names of the people involved. He mentioned even the ingenious people who currently lives in the rainforest, their rights and how what they are doing in a way is helping the whole rainforest not be obliterated.

It is so important to protect this man. This is the kind of person the government try to kill off. He’s already banned in over three countries I believe because he is a danger to their country just by digging up and speaking the real, in-depth truth.

He is really and truly incredible and highly recommended. #ProtectHasanMinhaj

with love,


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