Can Blogmas be my official come back?

I was going to wait until January first but I feel like that’s way too long and I feel like I have the motivation back to start blogging again. I stopped/slowed down because I felt like I wasn’t getting the activity that I was in the beginning of blogging. I don’t know when or where it started going downhill but I have the confidence built up to start again. 

I have to remember the reason why I started blogging. It wasn’t to grow a huge amount of following or generate revenue. It was so that I could find a place where I can just be myself and freely express myself, posts things like I like, recipes that my family have grown to love and just do what I love.. Which is write

Blogmas is a thing that bloggers do during the month of December where they post everyday for the month of December. Now, I know I said that I would never do another 30 day post series. But I feel like this is different.. Fun!

I found a template online that I’m going to follow! Hopefully, it’ll help kick me off in the right direction!

Consider this my first Blogmas posts! An introduction, if you will.

Here are some Blogmas posts ideas:

with love, 


Happy Blogmas!


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