How I Find Rest During the Holiday Season.

Happy Blogmas Day 15! One of my Advent words was Rest and that’s something that I feel like is super important especially during the bust holiday season.

1. Exercise:

This might make me sound crazy but I have found that giving myself an hour to workout makes me feel more restful during the holiday season. Working out always gives me stress relief as well as time to myself that I can mentally organize things or even just zone out and not have to focus on anything.

2. Follow a strict sleeping schedule.

I do my best to go to sleep and wake up around the same time no matter what, even on the weekend. I feel like my body naturally wakes up around 7 so I don’t really “sleep in”, but on the days that I work I get up as early as 4am and that’s not something that I want to aim for everyday but I usually get up around 6 on my off days and allow myself some peaceful morning time to drink coffee and get mentally prepared for the day.

3. Self Care Days

I allow myself one day a week (sometimes not even every week) that I allow myself more time for self care. In this time I do things like hair/face masks before jumping in the shower, self-massages on my neck, legs and feet; using aromatherpy on my skin before curling up in my comfiest pajamas with a warm cup of herbal tea with honey and reading a chapter of a good book.

4. Listening to music while cleaning/decorating the house. I love the feeling of being able to fall asleep in a clean home.

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