Happy Blogmas day 19! Wow, we’re so close to Christmas!

I feel like I have been working so much here recently when in reality, I haven’t been working more than I normally have. I picked up some overtime here and there and I signed up for more call days than usual but haven’t really been called in any. 

Maybe I am just feeling this way because I’m not resting enough. I don’t feel busy, I feel restless like I always have to be moving and doing something. And although this allows me to sleep better at night, I feel like my body needs a break. I have been stacking up on my holiday days because I haven’t had a vacation since summer and why is that? Why do we feel like we should plan vacations in the summer time but we feel like we need it more in the winter time? Or is that just me? Is it because of summer break and the kids are out? Well what about planning stuff on fall break and winter break? Going to Florida for Christmas? Sounds amazing to me. 

I’m sure there are people out there who vacation during the holiday’s and plan trips on their kids breaks and I really need to start doing that myself! I feel like I crave more adventure and excitement during winter and fall than any other time of the year. I miss summer and vacation and being away from work. Allowing my brain and body to think about other things besides work related stuff and setting alarms for 4am. Yuck. 

NC has also reached the time of darkness and raining and cold.. my least favorite combination. But we will make it through this season! Happy and healthy! 

What are some of your favorite vacation spots? Even for just day trips. 

with love,


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