Fall is Coming! Home Decor.

People are always talking about Winter is Coming but what about FALL is coming?! How early in the year do you guys start decorating for Autumn? I felt like since it was after labor day I could start purchasing and setting up some pretty fall decor!

Last year I didn’t really have that many autumn decorations to put up and I also didn’t decorate until later in the year. I have several friends that started decorating for Halloween in August. Which I’m all for, it’s spooky season which is my daughter’s absolute favorite so she wouldn’t mind it being like that all year ’round. I honestly couldn’t decide what style to decorate my house because there is spooky autumn style and then theirs chic autumn style and I wanted something that was kind of a blend of both! I started at TJ-Maxx and Marshalls for my home decor and these are some of the items I’ve found!

From left to right: I got this “Hey There Pumpkin on discount at BedBath and Beyond and my little black cat Spooky Luke thought it was a napping mat as soon as I laid it down, so he really made the picture to be honest. My spooky socks I got in a set from Marshall’s! My adorable gnome mug set I got from TJ-Maxx for my little coffee corner and one of my best friends got me my adorable gray ‘C’ pumpkin from Dollar General! ‘C’ is definitely our family initial. My future husband’s first nd last name starts with a C and even though my little girl doesn’t have the same last name her first name starts with a C so it’s perfect for the whole family! Needless to say, when we have another baby he/she’s name will start with a C for sure!

Any who, one of my favorite pieces in the kitchen in my beaded table-runner/mat. The details are absolutely beautiful and it’s such a stunning centerpiece in my opinion. Then of course we go to the next row to my adorable burgundy/purple glass pumpkin that I also go from TJ-Maxx (and no this is NOT sponsored my TJ-Maxx or any stores included in this post) I really loved the stem of the pumpkin the most. The time before I bought this one I saw one that was a deep gray that I looooved but the next time I went back they didn’t have it :’) but I’m very satisfied with the color that I got. I believe it accents my corner beautifully. I also but this cute little “Happy Fall Y’all” table block that I got from Walmart with it to add a little more color.

The last two and certainly not the least is my cute kitty curtain from Marshall’s and my little message board that I got from my FabFitFun Box last year! That I accented with my glass pumpkin that I got from Dollar Tree. I actually got two glass pumpkin. I think take a picture of all of my fall decor but this is def a good start! I also bought a throw blanket to drape on the couch that had Harvest Hedgehogs on them that is so cute and soft! Of course I have fall candles and other little things but I think this is enough for now. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my autumn decor!

Tell me what your favorite piece was or show me some of yours in the comments! I would love to see them!

with love,


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