doing the bare minimum: consistency and me

I don’t think that I have written in months. I mean I have written but not published anything in quite sometime. I have so many wonderful ideas that I jott down and make into drafts and I just leave them there, unedited and unfinished. I genuinely enjoy writing. There’s something about putting pen to paper or fingers to keys(?) that make my thoughts and feelings seem real. It’s a release. Whether I’m working on a research article about something that peaks my particular interest or just expressing my thoughts and view points on a certain subject that means a lot to me, it’s so relieving to have this platform for me and by me that I can do what I wish with it.

I love writing so much that I don’t do it consistently? Doesn’t really make sense does it? In an post that I wrote called “Consistency and Success” I discussed the importance of being consistent and how it can be a key in being successful in an endeavor you so choose.

“Everyone wants consistency, whether it regards running a business, investing, supervising employees, dieting, exercising or parenting. Consistency develops routines and builds momentum. It forms habits that become almost second nature.”

Being consistent shouldn’t be hard. In the post I discuss how easy it can be to dedicated an hour of your time to whatever you want to be successful at, no disturbances. Sometimes though, it’s easy to fall into a routine of not so good habits. I know me personally I have been feeling rather tired lately, whether it’s from my interrupted sleep schedule or overworking with my regular job or just putting fourth more mentally energy in other things, when I feel like I have an hour to myself there are so many other things running through my mind that I have to do instead of dedicating time with what I really want to do. Being a young, working mom with an array of interests it’s hard for me sometimes to focus on what’s important and prioritizing everything.

I should look at this post and a lot of my others more often when I feel myself slipping or losing motivation. I know how to be organized and how to prioritize. But somedays, more so lately than others. I have simply been lacking one thing.. Energy. There are days where I’m so tired that I feel like I can only get by with doing the bare minimum.. Making sure my daughter is fed and taken care, 20-30 minute work out sessions, fedding myself, straightening up the house as need be, otherwise I reach my max.

I have been doing more research on ways to find more energy, naturally. My one cup of coffee a day doesn’t really get me going like it used to and I’m just simply not a fan of carbonated energy drinks which I heard aren’t very good for you anyway. Once i collect my finds I will keep you all updated as usual. Hopefully there will be better days ahead and I can get back to the grind of talking with you all again.

with love,


What are some ways that you get and remained energized? Let me know in the comments!

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