Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends! 🦃

I know that Thanksgiving is definitely an American holiday which honestly gave me the idea that if the rest of the world doesn’t haven’t to wait to listen the Christmas music than I don’t either 😜

With that being said though, I know that Thanksgiving isn’t always celebrated but for those of you who do celebrate it I hope you’re home is full of great food and wonderful vibes. Thanksgiving always gives me a warm, cozy feeling inside. With so much negativity and badness going around it’s nice to have a day to just take in all of the positives.

Something about getting together with friends and family and just taking a day to be grateful for so much. Healthy homes, togetherness, the happiness and blessings the past year has given us. Reflecting on everything but mainly the positives this year has allowed us to have. For me, it also jump starts the holiday season. Allowing me to embrace the holiday spirit that’s been growing inside me for the past couple of weeks.

Im thankful for all of you, those who show endless support and mural acceptance in this community. Thank you so much for staying with me through this journey and showing up with love and kindness always.

For those of you who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving are there any traditions or family gatherings you do in preparation for the holiday season?

with love,


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