Bucketlist 2022

It’s four more days until Christmas! Which means its time for another List of Things to Complete before next Christmas. I did this last year and it ended up being really popular and I really enjoyed sharing my yearly goals with you all!

I’m going to start with sharing last years list:

There are some pretty cool, unique things on this list. Some really big life accomplishments, some smaller more intimate.

I’m just going to go ahead and address number one, that clearly did not happen but in all honesty I’m not really upset by it at all. We are waiting until the time is right and I have a strong feeling that it’s going to be coming soon. A lot of the reasoning for not doing it this year was really financial reasons and simply not really knowing what the best thing to do is. I’m probably going to add something similar to this years list but tweak it.

As for the number TWO, after a whole year pf looking we finally purchased our first home at the end of November! I am so glad to have finally purchased our first home and to finally get it out of the way. I am very pleased with our purchase and our experience with everything. I just hate how long it took to finally make it happen but I am also just simply ecstatic! Maybe this will sped up the whole getting married thing *wink wink*

As for number three, I in fact, did not travel much at all in the year 2021, I still have never flown in an airplane. As much as I have been experiencing wanderlust these past two years.. I was almost determined to travel more. I honestly didn’t even leave my state I don’t think which is somewhat depressing. The year 2022, I already have one trip planned in the summer that I am so so excited for. So I know that for sure will happen! I also have some other maybe plans that I want to experience as well but they’re not as set in stone as the other.

Hopefully this means we will also tackle number 11 and visit a National Park. There are 63 total national parks in the U.S and one of my life goals is to visit every single one of them in my life time. There are like 423 national park sites among the United States but I want to be more focused on the 63. Life goals, here.

Some of these I have already elaborated on in their own posts like 4-7, 13 and 14. We are going to wait until spring to plant a new tree (15). I’m going to make a separate post about 16 & 18.

I did finally start on the book, which I will disclose more information later on it. I’m really big on not wanting to jinx anything when I’m in the process of something. Which is why I try to wait until the last minute to talk about something or announcing it after it happens. I don’t want too many opinions or negative energy to effect the outcome of what I want.

Needless to say it feels like I didn’t do as much as I wanted to but I’m not going to let it discourage me as much. I’m just going to add it to my list for next year and more forward. I’m not going to say anything cliché like this year will be different because I don’t want to pin my life year to year. Also, I liked the way that this year panned out. We did have a huge accomplishment that sometimes left us on our toes more than we would have wished. This year traveling is going to be more prioritized, for me anyway because last year we didn’t know when a house would come up or how much money we were going to need to be set aside. I have at least 4 trips planned but nothing set in stone yet.

The other major priority that I am going to make in 2022 is to become more financially aware. This thought always crosses my mind at the end of each year when I see how much I made within the year yet I feel like I never know where it all went. I noticed as I was moving how many clothes and shoes that I have that could have been part of it. Also, bills of course eat up half of my paycheck month to month.

Things to Accomplish Before Christmas 2022

  1. Become more financially aware.
  2. Ride in an airplane
  3. Plan the wedding and set the date.
  4. Watch the Sunrise
  5. Go horseback riding
  6. Plant a tree
  7. Go to a new beach
  8. Visit a national park
  9. Make a difference
  10. Set a goal and accomplish it!
  11. Finish the book
  12. Read two books a month
  13. Start vlogging
  14. Create more art.
  15. Go scubdiving

Whenever I am making these list. I always want to do a couple of very big goals and then sprinkle in a few not so big, more feeble goals. That way even if I miss a few big ones I still feel like I am accomplishing something from the list. Making a giant goals like “get married” seemed too big to accomplish in the timeframe I would have but having a potion of it such as “setting a date” seems a little bit more doable.

Do you make a goals list for the new year? Do a single resolution? Let me know in the comments!

with love,


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