I’m proud of you: A Letter.

     I think the term “I’m so proud of you” is completely underrated. It’s such a simple term but it shows so much support. I tell my daughter all the time how proud I am of her even if it’s something so small as her picking up her toys. I think it helps initiate good behavior and motivates them to keep doing better. I think that goes for people of all ages. I love seeing people doing well for themselves and constantly improving whether it’s something as drastic as building the courage to go to rehab or something as simple as going back to school for something they love. Everyone you know has their own personal battles that they go through that they may not make you aware of or things that they might not show. I’ve had days where it’s been hard for me to get out of bed and although I did, I know so many people who don’t or feel like they can’t for some reason and that’s so heartbreaking to me. That’s why I feel like it’s super important to show support to people and to be kind to one another. I’ve seen people go from being a sad soul to living a happy and positive life and sometimes just saying that you’ve noticed and expressing how happy you are for them can make their day and help them move forward.

     With that being said, if you’re going through something or maybe even if you aren’t you are allowed to be proud of the little things you achieve; like becoming better at a video game, baking really good pancakes or just getting out of bed today- not everything you do has to be world changing. It’s good to set little goals in life to help carve out the big picture because little things add up and it helps to make yourself feel like you’re in control of your improvement. Be proud of you. 

with love,



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