New Year’s Gym Resolution

     I never really paid that much attention to having New Year’s resolutions. I know one that really common is “going to the gym more”. I feel like going to the gym more that is something that could happen today or tomorrow or even next week. I believe it’s something that could happen at any time and the better time for motivation is now. If you feel the insist for change then do it now! 

     I don’t think you should wait until the new year to start something new. I understand that it’s a tradition to make such a promise to yourself but how often does one actually follow through with their resolutions, for the whole year? Why not start now and then make your resolution to improve and get better and continue through out the year? Start it off with a running start! 

What’s something that you want to do for the new year? Leave it in the comments below!

I know this is a short post but it was just something I was thinking of! Stay tuned.

with love,


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