⁂ HAIR ⁂

I’ve been focusing more on my hair here lately! I want it to look long and healthy and voluminous. I got these three products in subscription boxes and honestly, now that i’ve tried them all together I don’t know how i’m going to live without them.

No Frizz living proof nourishing styling cream.

The living proof no frizz nourishing styling cream has made the biggest difference to me. I didn’t even know I needed it as much as I do. I apply a quarter size into my wet hair after every washing. It has a fresh scent to it. I have like oily scalp and dry ends and this product lightly conditions my hair making it feel softer without causing it to look oiling or stringy. My hair has been so happy since I started using this product.

12 Benefits instant healthy hair treatment

12 benefits lists all of the benson the bottle. But this has seriously been a game changer for me. It has a gentle hairspray smell. I first used this during the summer because the chlorine can sometimes turn my hair a green tint because of my blonde hair. I used it every time on pool days and it helped with chemical damage control. It also gave my hair a smooth look to it.

Ouai Hair Oil

I apply this to my ends because like I started before I have naturally dry ends and some of them are splitting (i need to just trim it I know but I love the length) This oil not only smells good but hydrates my ends without making them look oily or clumped together. I feel like in a sense it helps repair my ends as well.

What products do you use in your hair either daily or on wash days? and what’s your hair type?

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