How to Persist with a Positive Mindset

How to Persist with a Positive Mindset and Why

Wake up every morning and be grateful with what you have!

There are so many things that could be going wrong in your life and all of them are valid and I am in no way trying to dismiss any of them. I am just insisting that through all of the negative be persistent with a positive mindset. 

I am very close to somebody who I love dearly but she lives by a very negative mindset. She focuses heavily on all the things that have and could go wrong. She worries too much about the past, what mistakes she has made, the situation she allows herself to be in. In order to achieve all of the things you wish to achieve you have to focus less on the negative and more on the positive. Being grateful in the little things even if it’s not exactly what you want. Even if it’s not the job you want be grateful in the fact that you have a job and that you are making some form of income in order to one day work for the job that you want to in the long run! This makes going through daily life so much easier. 

Here are some simple ways on how:

1. Stop comparing and appreciate how lucky you are.

Comparison is by far one of the hardest things to stop doing. I even deleted my social media for a little bit because I found myself comparing to so many different people on so many different levels. I wish I looked like her. I wish I was as successful as her. I wish I wrote as well as he did. I used to find myself comparing myself to other people all the time. Instead of just being present where my feet are. That couple may look really happy and like they never argue but no one really knows what happens behind the scenes. We need to appreciate how lucky we are to have what we do. Instead of taking everything that people post personally you need to appreciate what you do have and how lucky you truly are, It’s not about what other people choose to show the world. It’s about you and all the things that you have to offer and have going for you.

2. Embrace loneliness and reinvent yourself in the process.

Sometimes your best work and thoughts comes from the time that you spend alone. Being alone allows you time to clear your head and come up with new and independent ideas. When you embrace loneliness, you break the barrier of every having to rely on anyone else for your happiness and because of that you’ll never be co-dependent or let down.

3. Say goodbye to the people that don’t bring positive energy into your life.

This feels like an obvious one. Surround yourself with positive souls and positive vibes come naturally. Your environment influences your experience. Make it a positive one.

4. Pick one skill that you want to cultivate and put all of your effort into developing it.

The only way that you are going to master a skill is to truly put all of your effort and devotion into it. It may take you a while to master it.. Maybe a year, maybe more but overall when you accomplish and master a skill your confidence and personal outlook on yourself will greatly improve. You know it’s something you have earned with all of your hard work and dedication and profit will show from it.

5. Commit to the goals you set and never look back.

6. Fail forward. Learn from every mistake you make.

We all make mistakes in life.. Some smaller, some bigger but when we allow the mistakes to become lessons and allow ourselves to become progressive thinkers then we can grow from our mistakes and also choose to never make them again. 

What do you think of these simple but complex ways to persist with a positive mindset? Let me know in the comments below! 

with love,


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