Tiny Tips, Big Booty!

Now I can’t promise you a Kim Kardashian booty but I can say that you’ll see results fairly quickly as long as you’re consistent and want it bad enough! These are just some tiny tips to get started on your booty journey!


Tip #1: Diet

Make sure you incorporate a clean, lean and full of proteins diet! Protein is the basic foundation to muscle so it’s important when you’re building any kind of muscle to consume enough protein! Lean and clean!


Tip #2: Power Lifting

Power muscle lifting is essential to the gains! It is a must! Lift lots of weights, focusing on big muscles such as quads, arms and abs and of course, the glutes!!


Tip #4: Cardio

Cardio is a good way to lose fat but a better way to lose mass! So when you do, do cardio I would suggest doing 30 mins of a high intensity on the treadmill to focus more on burning fat


Tip #5: Switch it up!

After four weeks I suggests switching up your workout plan to keep your body from getting too used to the routine. Always challenge yourself!


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