Sweat it out.

     I get asked a lot on social media or even in the gym one why I wear a waist trainer (or trimmer) if I’m already skinny and my answer is always- TO SWEAT. I love sweating, it makes me feel like I got a good workout in! But sweating does more for you than just regulate your temperature and help you “shed fat”.


     I consider sweating as a way to detoxify your body. I’ve noticed the more I sweat and hydrate the better my skin is in not only my face but my body as well. I used to have really bad acne growing up on my face and back-yuck I know and I’l admit that it’s not completely cleared up and I’ll have random (or not so random) break outs from time to time but I believe that by sweating you’re releasing those toxins from your skin that could potentially build up and cause break outs.

“A 2011 study published in the journal Archives of Environmental and Contamination Toxicology found many toxic elements appeared to be excreted through sweat. Induced sweating appears to be a potential method for the elimination of many toxic elements from the human body. Researchers believe sweat analysis could be considered as an additional method for the monitoring of toxic elements in humans rather than just blood and/or urine testing.”

One of the main reasons why I start my work out day off with cardio isn’t to trim fat but you get my heart pumping and get the sweat rolling. Another benefit I read to sweating is the fact that sweating has a way of boosting your endorphins. Now these endorphins are the real reason I exercise period- plus it makes you look good. Now my athletic background as I may have mentioned before is sports like track, soccer and cross country which all require running. After a good solid run I get this feeling a lot of people call “runners-high”. Medically can be explained by the chemical release of these endorphins in our brain. Chemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are also what people call “positive chemicals” and are also released during physical activity. These brain chemicals are an important part of regulating your mood hence why I feel as though it’s important to get your heart pumping and your body sweating!


     Another reason why I wear a waist trainer is because I’m personally trying out this thing called Sweet Sweat. I talked a little bit about sweet sweat and what it does in the blog post: “What’s in my workout bag?” But I don’t believe I fully explained how it worked for me. Now this product is only successful if your heart race is increased. It can be used with or without a waist trainer but I saw online where a lot of people pair it with Sweet Sweat’s own waist trimmer. It increases my sweat production 100% without making me feel overheated, it was a good kind of sweat, kind of like a sauna almost. I also bought the kind that smells like coconut so it kind of masks that sweaty smell. 


     Never would I have thought that I would be posting a picture of my sweaty abdomen but I just want to show you how ,much sweat this truly produces! It’s incredible. 


(I do not receive compensation for posting these products. These are true reviews and exclamations.)

To wrap it up I would like to say if you’re not into working out because it makes you feel tired try switching up your routine! Sometimes it just takes your body adjusting to the habits and building up strength in your muscles before you don’t feel so worn down. 

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  1. Chloe Francis says:

    Gaaah I love the dog! I really need to get back into exercise, and I completely agree that sweat that gets rid of toxins even if it doesn’t feel great at the time! xx


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