What’s in my workout bag?


This is not a flattering photo of my bag but it’s definitely been though a lot from soccer games to late night work out sessions! I’m sure you guys aren’t real interested with what in my bag but I thought I would share it anyway! These are some of my current must haves!!


I’m going to start with the vitamins. I will sometimes take a Active Women’s Multivitamin Pack. As I’ve mentioned before I love working out in the morning! So that means I sometimes grab a snack and just head out-forgetting the vitamins. So I pack theses in my bag just in case! These always leave me feeling more energized and overall healthier.

The Vitamins in this pack are listed on the back and even their benefits with pictures!

  • Multivitamin | Provides daily serving of essential vitamins and minerals to help fill nutritional gaps and support cellular health, energy and metabolism.
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil | Supports Heart Health (I don’t take this one)
  • Green Tea Extract | Antioxidant Support.
  • L-Carinite | Helps turn fat into energy
  • L-Arginine | Production in blood vessels.
  • L-Glutamine | A building block for muscle protein synthesis.
  • Vitamin D3 | Essential for calcium absorption to support bone health.


Next is Sweet Sweat! This stuff is awesome! I’ve only purchased the stick but you can also purchase a waist trimmer to go with it which increases the product’s purpose. This product is advertised to improve circulation, energy, and sweating during exercise. I have noticed it accelerates recovery time by targeting injured areas.  img_6864This product also focusing on fighting muscle fatigue and painful injuries such as shin splints, pulls, and strains, I put this on my legs when my shins ache and it truly makes them feel amazing within minutes. Not to mention that it leaves your sweat smelling fresh. When I use it under my Gold’s Gym Waist Trainer (it’s so much cheaper until I buy the sweet sweat one) it really helps make me feeling sweaty and motivated. I feel so accomplished when I take my trainer off and I’m just dripping sweat. I 100% recommend this product!


You’ve seen me talk about these before and even show you a little snippet of how I use them. These are great for at home work outs or you can even use it to enhance your gym routine. I don’t leave the house with out them! They are perfect and the colors are so freaking cute! The even come in a cute little carrying bag which adds a little glam to the gym bag. I just love the resistance and how the pack comes with different sizes that stand for different weights: Light (10-12), Medium (15-20), Heavy(20-25) and Xtra Heavy (25-30).

And last but not least the two most important accessories! My shaker bottle and head phones. You can’t get yourself fired up without these! The headphones are so essential. I Love the bluetooth ones because the wires are way too much and constantlyimg_6861 get in my way, especially during my cardio sessions, where they are most important. Now to this adorable shaker bottle. I thought this shaker bottle was so cute and the perfect size! I use this for my pre-workout and my protein afterwards. I also pack my scoop of protein in my bag in a sealed container so I can have it right after. I also pack like 3-4 bottles of water so I can stay hydrated!

I’ll go into more detail with what kind of protein and ore workout I use on a daily basis in another post!

Thanks for stopping by! You can keep up with my fitness progress on my Instagram! @cayseypetty.

If you have an interest in fitness and/or a fitness blog I would love to keep up with you post! Comment on my latest or comment below so I can check it out!


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  1. Kayla says:

    You’ve got some great stuff here! The vitamin pack is a fantastic idea to boot performance. The shaker is great too! I’ll wait here make a shake or have a protein bar, I’ve been loving them lately! Happy workouts!


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