Why I work out in the morning!

I believe that working out is a great way to start the day! Even if it’s just simple yoga poses or those easy 5 minute at home work outs. For me, working out in the morning helps motivate me to make healthier choices throughout the day. And help set me up for a more successful day! Fun Fact: Since you fast while you’re sleeping your body is more than likely to burn 20 percent more weight with working out in the A.M. Of course, you should still eat a little something before your work out so you don’t leave yourself feeling tired and weak. If you exercise the right way, our body will release endorphins into your body, making exercise and natural mood booster! like woo-hoo, morning person! Working out will kick start your body and help you tackle the day ahead! Not to mention, it boosts your metabolism too and hep you burn more calories during the day! And you think it stops at the body? nope, working out in the morning is proven to jump start your brain activity for the day. And this type of stimulation can last four-ten hours after a workout!

Not to mention that it works best with scheduling by getting your workout in during the morning, it leaves your evening open for homework or happy hour or just relaxing. Plus, you beat the crowds and don’t have to worry about waiting for the machines and prolong your time in the gym.

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