working on my fitness

I think I’m going to start a fitness vlog. Although, it’s a lot harder than I thought. Recording your workout with a tripod in the gym isn’t really socially acceptable and I guess neither is your friend recording you either but I still would prefer the latter. At least then you’ll get a hype man with it! WOO HOO GO GIRL. 

Anyway, this past time that I worked out by myself and pushed all of my things in a corner and started doing my thing, a little bit of abs and arms and I had my little tripod (hidden) set up and as I looked back at the video WOO WEEE, I looked crazy. I see now why I’m never approached at the gym. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing. I’ll occasionally get looked at and a few stares but very little conversation. My face looks like I have the look of death on it. I thought about sharing it but then again… I thought not. 

I do like to people watch when I’m in the gym though. I go in the morning most of the time after I drop my daughter off at school so I see a lot of ~early birds~ and a few others but some of the things they’re doing is so entertaining to me, i don’t know why like.. Some people are working out in jeans.. Some people are lifting 5 lb weights while others are deadlifting 225. It’s really bizarre to see honestly, everyone in their own zone doing their own thing. Part of me feelings like half of them aren’t really minding if I have my tripod set up and is recording myself but other times I feel like they’re judging me hardcore. Like it’s for my vlog okay? trust the process. #GNZSEASON. GZN = gains = muscle gains = what you do when you workout. Season = now = always = never an off season. WORK IT. Anyway if I can get over being embarrassed ad worried about what other people think I think that I’ll be okay and I’ll actually be successful if I allow myself to be. 

Do you have any favorite fitness vloggers or instagramers? Let me know! I’m always down to find a good an d different work out to try!

thank you for coming in!

with love,


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  1. Chips says:

    I rarely go into the gym because I get super anxious at the idea of people watching me🙈🙈 Rachel Aust is a great fitness YouTuber, if youre still looking for new ones xx


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