February Overview

I have been lacking SO HARD in the blogging aspect of life. You guys haven’t heard from me since blogmas and that is just crazy! I have been on instagram a lot here lately but again, not as much as usual. I have been so caught up in every day life that I haven’t allowed time for myself and to sit and reflect and so what I love which is write. I keep saying I’m going to get back into the swing of things and rarely ever do but this time I am going to commit. I am fully dedicated to delivering the best content for you all. 

I’m starting with a February overview because February was a huge month for me. It certainly had it’s ups and downs but overall I feel like it was a good month of growth for me. 

If you follow me on any social media you might have seen where I lost my grandfather in the beginning of February. This was really hard for me because he was my last living grandparent but I found so much comfort and acceptance in the fact that I knew he was ready to go and that he was no longer suffering here on earth. Thank you to those of you who believe in prayer and prayed for my family and during the difficult time. I still haven’t fully healed and I probably won’t soon but I appreciate all of your condolences. 

Aside from that, I had many many positives. 

I turned 23! My birthday month is February! I’m an aquarius, can you tell? I have a really good feeling about my 23rd year of life. I’m feeling so determined and positive.

I became the liasion for the Outreach committee at my church. I have always felt like outreach was my calling. In the sense of reaching out and helping the community around us and sharing God’s love through time, services and small ministries. I will be talking more about what we as a committee are accomplishing and ways that my small church is making a difference in our community. 

I officially launched my Mary Kay business via my Facebook page! Don’t worry though, I’m not going to be Scary Kay. I’m not going to flood you timelines and story boards with posts about getting people to try and buy my products. I will incorporate them in some of my videos and sell to those who are familiar with the products and people who are interested in trying them! I will share with you my favorite products along with some that simply don’t work for me. You can contact me on my facebook page for more information but I also will me sharing more of that with you in later posts. 

I am officially dedicating to becoming a model. I had a wise friend tell me that the book definition to becoming a model is someone who gets paid for it or someone who is published. I have been studying posing and building a good portfolio. I am also focusing on having a good mindset on body image and having a good purpose for getting into modeling. 

I booked a big trip for my little family! I am super stoked to share with you the news when it comes closer and to share pictures and videos from the trip and more and more details!

I simply feel more driven than ever in the year 2020. I have so many plans and expectations for all of my endeavors this year. I am going to stay more organized with it all and make sure that every goal I have to the months ahead are accomplished. 

Thank you so much for reading this and catching up with me and staying tuned for the journey ahead. I am so stoked to share with you, make sure if you haven’t already to sign up for my emails and officially follow my blog

with love,


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