60+ Blogmas Ideas for Every Niche

60+ Blogmas Ideas

What is Blogmas? Well, Blogmas is a challenge that bloggers do where they post everyday for the month of December OR the day leading up until Christmas (December 25th) because get it.. Christmas + Blog = Blogmas! I love it! It’s so creative and so many people pull out all of the stops to deliver good quality blogposts for each of those days. I always decide to do the 30 day challenges such as Blogmas and Blogoween (October) at the very last minute and I usually get SO much help from posts like these that provide great ideas for your challenge. I am going to try to have some for every niche. So lets get started with the ideas:

60+ Blog Post Ideas for Blogmas for Every Niche
  1. Gift guides (so easy to make, but so useful)
  2. Your favorite posts of 2020 (could be your own or others you enjoyed)
  3. Create your own Christmas jumper (the crazier, the better)
  4. Christmas Inspired Cocktails (or mocktails)
  5. Favorite Christmas Movies (your christmas classics)
  6. Christmas Movies You’ve Never Seen (but everyone talks about)
  7. Your Christmas Playlist 
  8. How to get into the Christmas Spirit
  9. Your Favorite Christmas Traditions  
  10. Hairstyles for Christmas Parties (cindy lou, who?)
  11. Festive Recipes (’tis the season to indulge)
  12. Winter Getaways 
  13. Festive Date Ideas
  14. Festive Book Recommendations
  15. The Best Christmas Market (could be a local market or a dream market)
  16. Winter Skin Routine
  17. Winter Eyeshadow Ideas
  18. Cozy Winter Home Decor
  19. How to Have a Winter Self Care Day
  20. Stocking Stuffer Ideas (tiny and fun)
  21. Tips for Christmas Shopping (help everyone have a stress-free Christmas)
  22. Story about your best/worst/funny Christmas (we all love a good story)
  23. Ugly Holiday Sweater Round Up Post (you can never have too many ugly sweaters)
  24. Christmas Decoration Haul Post
  25. What to Look for in a Real Christmas Tree That Lasts
  26. Christmas Wishlist (hint, hint)
  27. Christmas on a Budget (share your best advice)
  28. Festive Inspired Makeup
  29. How to Volunteer/Donate During Christmas
  30.  What your Favorite Fashion Bloggers are Wearing for Christmas
  31. Create a Bucketlist to Complete by Next Christmas (make 2021 a fun year)
  32. What Christmas Means To You (make it personal)
  33. DIY Gift Guides
  34. Christmas for Pets (food, gifts, fashion)
  35. Give Up Something for Christmas 
  36. A Christmas Giveaway
  37. Ideas for Table Setting
  38. Would You Rather (christmas edition)
  39. Reviews for Christmas Gift Sets
  40. Holiday Staycation Ideas
  41. How to Repurpose Old/Thrift Store Outfits into a Holiday Delight 
  42. Where to Find the Best NYE Party Dress Deals
  43. Gratitude Journal Prompts
  44. 12 Days of ______ (tips, tricks, guides, giveaways, diy ideas, etc.)
  45. Winter Fitness Challenge
  46. Winter Bucketlist
  47. How to Stay Organized During the Holidays
  48. Christmas Day Routine
  49. Favorite Christmas Candles and Scents
  50. Dollar Tree Decor DIY
  51. Christmas Card Ideas
  52. The Best Christmas Pjs
  53. How to Prepare for the New Year
  54. How You Wrap your Presents (you can do a tutorial or gallery)
  55. Christmas Drinks (hot chocolate, apple cider, etc)
  56. How You Decorate Your Tree (this can get sweet)
  57. Roundup of the Best Boots
  58. How Winter Looks Where You’re From (some people have snow, some people have sunshine)
  59. A Day in the Life (shopping, staying in, decorating)
  60. Show off your outfits everyday for the month of December (OOTD x XMAS)
  61. Holiday Gifts Under $30 (perfect for dirty/secret santa)
  62. Winter Night or Morning Routine
  63. How to use your Christmas Leftovers
  64. Easy Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

I hope that this list was helpful to those of you participating this year! I tried to do some from every niche and I think next year if I do a post like this again I’m going to try to divide them up into their own little blocks and categories. I had a lot of fun making this post! It makes me so excited to start on my blogmas posts for this year. I can;t wait to see what December brings for all of us. 

with love,



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  2. Thank you for sharing this awesome list of blogmas ideas. I have been planning Christmas content. Thank you for sharing all these ideas, you have created a huge range for all style of bloggers.



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