Attitude & Effort

The beauty of attitude. By definition an attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior.

It’s really easy to fall victim to a negative attitude. I touched on this a little bit in my last blog post: A Month From Now where I said “There’s so much to negativity that can simply engulf you if you allow it. Having bad days is inevitable but wallowing in those bad days and negative thoughts is a choice.” But that’s just scraped the surface and inspired me to dive in a little more.

In my opinion, a negative attitude begins with a lack of self-awareness. A lot of times you don’t even realize you’re being negative but it just happens that way. Like so, you’re not necessarily aware of a negative attitude permeating your outlook on life, and because of this lack of awareness, your attitude affects your interactions with other people and your interactions with yourself.

When looking for an attitude adjustment you must first look within yourself and seeing what triggers you may have. It’s a weird concept but you much think about your thoughts in a way. Now, changing your attitude isn’t necessarily about eliminating negative thoughts but more so about redirecting your thoughts. We can sometimes catch ourselves thinking in “black and white” limiting us to believe that there is only positive or negative thoughts. which in turn make us believe that there are only positive or negative results when we are trying to achieve our goals. When we think in this binary mindset it can cause us to have tunnel vision. We have always been taught that the world isn’t black and white and thats true.

Redirection is proven to improve creativity and allows you to harness your thoughts. When something isn’t working think about questions such as; is there a different approach you can take? Who can you reach out to for help? What haven’t you tried?

Redirect your actions and you’ll find yourself thinking more creatively and positively when it comes to solving the original problem.

Along with redirecting your thought process also consider the simple task of amping yourself up with positive affirmations. The thing about positive self-talk is it’s self-fulfilling. In other words, by concentrating on your strengths and making positive statements about yourself, you become what you tell yourself you are and your attitude changes. Saying things such as “I am loved” and “I am capable.” are wonderful. Even more in depth making statements such as “Challenges are opportunities.” or “Success comes from doing.” are also gentle reminders that are beneficial. You want to change your negative attitude. To successfully change your attitude, do things that help you feel good about yourself and others. 

You are not a victim to your own attitude. You’re an agent who can change your own attitude. Ultimately, your own actions are the only things you control. Victimization is valid and real, but if there’s no active pursuit of a solution, you remain a victim, you remain passive, and your attitude is one of bitterness or helplessness. You may not be able to change negative thoughts and that normal but you can control the way that you react to those negative thoughts and emotions.

Ways to Cope:

  • Talk with a counselor or someone who can give you an outside perspective.
  • Turn off the news, stop wallowing, and get active. Activities such as exercise, art, and games will help you process your feelings better by giving you a break from concentrating on repetitive negative thoughts.
  • Offer your support to others who have had a similar experience. If, for example, you’re recovering from addiction, find a peer support group.
  • Redirect painful emotions by finding an activity, such as volunteer work, writing, music, or sports, that is emotionally fulfilling and allows you to release pent-up emotions.

Sometimes tragedy is self-inflicted, meaning you have a bad experience that’s not necessarily a tragedy, but you treat it as such. You get down on yourself, turn to drugs and alcohol, and brood over your negative thoughts and feelings.

Be sure to recognize if this is happening and become an agent of recovery.

Sometimes a negative attitude can steam from unrealistic expectations. Again, your actions are the only thing you control. Science shows you’re not even necessarily in control of your thoughts. If you believe you’re entitled and you expect everything to fall into place you will not realize your dream. Even if you’re lucky and successful, it won’t feel like success because entitlement is a bottomless pit.

This is the truth about your dream: it’s real. What you really want out of life.. Call it your dream or fantasy or ambition.. is a real idea you can and should hold onto no matter what happens. This is the truth about your dream: it’s real. What you really want out of life — call it your dream or fantasy or ambition — is a real idea you can and should hold onto no matter what happens.

Bottom line is, attitude is everything and it you have a negative attitude in life you’re only hurting yourself and those around you. You will not be successful, you will not reach your ambitions and you will just be as bitter and hopeless as you always feel. BUT, you can change that with a little reality check, redirecting and self-control. I believe in you wholeheartedly. I know that you can accomplish great things in life as can anyone else that you may know struggling with this problem.

Have you ever suffered from a negative attitude? What did you do to change it? Let me know in the comments!

with love,


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