My Current Go-To 10 Minute Beauty Routine

First, coffee.

Prep + Prime

First, I never start my beauty routine without moisturizing first. I always start with a day cream that contains SPF 15 in it. Then I use an eye cream around my eyes for extra moisturization around the eyes. Did you know that the skin around your eyes are the thinnest layer of skin? Which makes this one of the first places that you experience signs of aging. This is why it is important to start using eye cream as early as possible! This Mary-Kay primer also has SPF 15 in it! Making my skin extra protected from the suns rays!

Conceal + Perfect

I use Mary Kay’s under eye corrector to perfect the dark circles around my under eyes. The peachy undertones in the corrector helps dark circles by using a method of concealing called color correcting. Colors that are opposite of one another on the color wheel cancel each other out. Green concealer cancels out red zits, purple concealer minimizes yellow spots, and orange concealer takes care of blue dark circles. If you apply this theory, then you can make your concealer work better for you. I also use a green color correcting concealer sold through Mary Kay for my redness and red blimishes. I fill some of the spaces with regular concealer for brightening and highlighting.

I call this my war paint.


I love using cc cream for my everyday make up look. This CC cream is also by Mary Kay and it’s the best that I’ve ever used. This product also has SPF 15 in it, adding to my sun’s defenses and overall protecting the skin on my face! I love this CC cream because it’s simple enough that it provides you a thin layer (perfect for summer wear) but it’s buildable for a more full coverage look.

Set it!

I personally don’t feel like my make up look is complete without using a setting powder. I personally have combination skin meaning I’m oily in some places and dry in others particularly in my T-zone. Your T-zone includes your forehead, on and around the nose and chin area. So I specifically make sure to powder my T-zone.

Line + Lash

I love a good, simple wing and mascara combo. Some days I can’t accomplish the wing and that’s totally okay but for the most part I can handle a small wing which adds just enough character for me! I’m currently obsessed with the way this mascara makes my bottom lashes look!

Lip Gloss = Poppin’!

This is my current favorite lip liner/lip gloss combination! I’m also currently obsessed with pink! I love using lip liner because it helps me define my lip line as well as give me more play as too how big my lips actually look. I don’t necessarily want insta model lips but I definitely love a more fuller look! The shade of lip liner that I used is a more pinker shade than my regular neutral lip color but the way it matches up with this Fancy Nancy lip gloss!

And, viola! That is my easy everyday look. Yes, I curled my hair in the middle of the process but I figured it would be quick and simple! I love the volume curling my hair gives me but I certainly don’t do it everyday. My natural hair is more of a straight/wavy look. But as far as make up is concerned. I love this simple yet versatile look. I feel like you can do a lot with this basic look, you can always build it up more with lashes, bronzer, eyeshadow or blushes.

Thank you guys for viewing today’s post! Is this something you want to see more of in the future? I love making posts about cosmetics and beauty tips. Until next Monday.

with love,


Featured products:

  • Mary Kay Primer
  • Mary Kay Eye Liner Pencil
  • Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
  • Mary Kay CC Cream: Shade Very Light
  • Mary Kay Undereye Corrector
  • Mary Kay At Play Color Correcting Green Stick
  • Mary Kay Perfecting Concealer
  • Mary Kay Translucent Powder

Yes, I sell Mary Kay Products but I also LOVE Mary Kay Products.

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