Shoulding All Over Myself.

I just want to start off by saying how grateful I am that you guys show up to read my rants and raves even if you are just here for the recipes or the product reviews. I personally feel like I have drifted away from one of the sole reasons of me starting my blog which was originally to give myself an outlet to express how I am feeling and essentially just talk to myself but I found that so many people related to me and my content so I started to do more. I started with motivational speeches and experiences but then I saw myself diving into a different type of blogging. I want to get back to where I first started. 

Aside from my sappy, confusing “thank you for sticking around until I found my sole purpose again intro” I want to dive into a toping that I feel like I have personally been battling myself but I have noticed it along my peers as well and that is; how we stop ourselves from being or acting or becoming what we potentially could be because we feel like we aren’t doing it right. I don’t know about you but I can sometimes find myself living out of “shoulds”. I should be further along by now. I should be making more money or progressing more. I should go back to school. I should be doing more. A lot of this “shoulding” I’m sure stems from our constant comparison to other people. But I’m going to try not to spiral into that rabbit hole today. I’m going to talk about how shoulding sometimes takes away from our progress and happiness.

I feel like I am taking away from what I’m actually doing. I am taking away from the value that I’m already adding because I’m telling myself that I should be doing more. Again, this is something that stems from comparison. I think it was John Davern who said “don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter twenty.” And I believe that’s so true, we often times find ourselves looking at people because they’re so much ‘happier’ because they lost weight or because they’re making more money when in reality, honey.. They’re happier because they chose to be. Sure, reaching their goal weight or moving up in a company is a reason to be ecstatic! But 99.9% of the time it was the dedication are hard work that they are most proud of. They appreciated the journey it took to get where they are because imagine if all of your shoulds or wishes happened tomorrow, would you know what to do with it? Would you really be happier? 

Shoulding I believe just takes away from being present where you are in life and truly appreciating the journey we are on. So when you finally reach the goal you are shooting for you’ll have a more exciting, well-rounded appreciation for it. You could and probably are doing everything you can to reach your goal and when you are you just need to find patience within yourself and accept the fact that you will get there one day. You will be top of the company, you will reach your goal weight, you will accomplish any goal that you set your mind to. Just stop being so hard on yourself. Stop focusing on the shoulds and wishes and just allow yourself to take in this part of your journey and be patient with yourself and allow yourself to be happy so that when you do accomplish your goals your happiness can unfold times a million and you’ll be more ready than ever. 

with love,



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  1. Alexandra S says:

    Lovely post! I love such content, thank you for sharing!


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